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IT and building

computer hardwareIT & Building Services covers all matters pertaining to the management and use of Ian Wark Research Institute IT facilities and the space occupied by The Wark in any UniSA building. Additionally, occupational health and safety matters are also covered along with management of The Wark store and workshop facilities (although both of these are operated on a day to day basis by individual managers). The current Facilities & Information Systems Manager is Craig Hackney

Information Technology
The IT related issues covered include:

All questions, requests for assistance, purchase requests etc. should be sent via the IT Helpdesk.

Occupational Health and Safety
All issues regarding Occupational Health & Safety are covered including:

For matters relating to OH&S, staff and students are encouraged to discuss them with any member of the Ian Wark Research Institute Safety Committee or Mr Philip Moore.

Building Management
Building management revolves around the following:

Detailed guidelines for space allocation (PDF 293kb) are available.