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Key personnel

Wark buildingDirector
Prof Magnus Nydén

Deputy Director
Prof Hans Griesser

Associate Director: Minerals
Prof Jonas Addai-Mensah

Associate Director: Nanomedicine
Prof Clive Prestidge

Associate Director: Physical Chemistry of Colloids and Nanostructures
Prof Thomas Nann

Institute Manager
Dr Terry Wilks

Sector Coordinators
Bio and Polymer Interfaces - Dr Benjamin Thierry
Colloids and Nanostructures - A/Prof David Beattie
Mineral Processing - Dr Max Zanin

Manager: Scientific Services
Mr Philip Moore

Operations Manager
Ms Sandra Ray 

Facilities and Information Systems Manager
Mr Craig Hackney

IT Officer
Mr Kevin Shanahan

Institute Accountant
Mr Paul Luppino

Human Resources/Project Officer
Ms Madelene Pierce

Research Degrees/Project Officer
Ms Louise Jennings