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Professor Magnus Nydén

Magnus NydenContact Details
Tel: +61 8 8302 3203
Fax: +61 8 8302 3683
Email: magnus.nyden@unisa.edu.au

Director, Ian Wark Research Institute
Professor of Applied Surface Chemistry

BSc Umea, Sweden MSc PhD Lund, Sweden

Magnus is a Physical Chemist who started his career in the field of NMR spectroscopy in soft heterogeneous materials. He has applied his knowledge of NMR in different scientific fields, but most of the time with a focus on surface science and in particular, on diffusion in polymer materials.

He was born in Sweden and studied chemistry at the University in Umea where he undertook his Bachelor degree, before moving to Lund University to carry out his Masters degree in physical chemistry. Lund is where he commenced his career on NMR diffusion studies of microheterogeneous materials, that in 1998 became the title of his thesis. At Lund, his supervisor was Professor Olle Soderman.

In 1999 Magnus moved to Gothenburg on the Swedish west-coast to a position as assistant with Professor Krister Holmberg at the Department of Applied Surface Chemistry. The move represented a shift in his science - from fundamental research to focus more on applied research projects, especially in collaboration with industry. In fact, his first five PhD students were all industrial PhDs. The projects ranged from developing model materials for better understanding of diffusion and flow processes in industrial applications to investigating surface interactions in biological materials. Most of his projects had a connection to NMR and in particular the use of NMR diffusion experiments.

In 2003 he was involved in a large cross-disciplinary program (Marine Paint) to combat marine antifouling and in that program he led a research and development group responsible for developing concepts for controlling release of marine biocides for the paint industry. He was the inventor of a technology for controlling release of fungicides and algicides from house coatings, from which a company was started in 2008 called Capeco AB. Alongside a number of applied research and development projects, he has worked on the fundamental understanding of diffusion and flow in microheterogeneous materials in a number of projects.

In 2008 Magnus became the Director of SuMo Biomaterials, a cross-disciplinary program based on industrial needs and scientific excellence. Commencing with his time in the Marine Paint program, and continuing when he was the Director of SuMo, he interacted frequently with Lars Rokkjaer, an organizational and leadership consultant from Denmark (equilibrio.dk) who helped Magnus to shape some of his ways of working in the space between industry and academy. It was in collaboration with Lars that he developed his thoughts on how to lead joint industry and academic work leading up to the definition of leadership in these types of projects or programs; it is about facilitating academic meaning and industrial/societal value.

Magnus joined The Wark in April 2012 where he has a joint position as an active researcher and Director. He is currently building up his research group and the focus will be on physical chemistry at interfaces with applications in material science, for instance smart coating materials and soft biomaterial membranes for controlling mass transport.

Magnus' mother tongue is Swedish. He speaks English fluently and some German.

Research Interests
Magnus' main research interest lies in soft matter and, in particular, diffusion processes. Over the last three years, starting with his directorship in SuMo where he introduced mass transport simulations into the program, he has developed an interest in diffusion and flow in soft materials having microstructures where diffusion and flow compete for the dominating mechanism of mass transport.

There are a number of fundamental issues in that research area that he would like to address. The first is the development of new very fast ways of calculating diffusion and flow on the nano- and micro-metre scales. He is interested in merging these possibilities with NMR diffusion and relaxation experiments in order to solve the long-standing issue of finite gradient and relaxation effects in microheterogeneous materials. The third interest lies at the interface between a solid material and particles in a liquid; in order to explain macroscopic phenomena such as permeation and uptake rates in a heterogeneous material a microscopic model for surface interactions is needed.

Magnus is also interested in developing membrane materials for spatial control of mass transport on the micrometer scale. He has also taken part in developing next generation marine anti-fouling coatings and intends to carry on this research and development in Australia. His research depends on cross-disciplinary work, in particular at the interface between chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Supervisor - Available Postgraduate/Honours Projects
New novel antifouling coatings by using nature's own biocides (P)
Coating materials for future energy production in the sea (P)
Development of novel membrane materials for micrometre control of liquid mass transport. (P)
Diffusion and flow studies of the effect of surface chemistry on the slip and/or non-slip conditions at interfaces in nano to micrometer sized heterogeneous particle gels

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Six patents during 2000-2008. The patents have been sublet to the following companies (one however was used to start a company where Magnus was founder and major share holder-Capeco AB):
I-Tech AB (three patents)
Capeco AB

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