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The Language, Literacies and Learning (L3) team provides study and assignment help for all UniSA students. They offer advice and resources on topics such as:

  • getting started at university
  • managing expectations and workloads
  • improving academic skills such as reading, writing and presenting
  • doing reports, essays, case studies and other assignments
  • developing English, and academic and professional communication skills

L3 offers workshops, one-to-one consultations, and online resources. Many of their resources assist with learning in specific discipline areas and courses.

The L3 team also assists academic staff to include the development of academic and professional literacies in their curriculum. In this way, all students enrolled in a course, program or discipline will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge needed for academic and professional success. More information about how staff can work with the L3 team can be found at L3 for staff.

More about who we are and key contacts can be found at contact us.

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