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Contact the Learning and Teaching Unit

City East

Room P2-40 Level 2, Playford Building
Ph: 8302 2330 / 1300 657 122
Fax: 8302 2363
email: ltu@unisa.edu.au
Campus Leader: Stephen Manson
Campus Support Officer: Carmen Bastian
Map of City East campus


City West

Room Y1-17, Yungondi building
Ph: 8302 0022 / 1300 656 377
Fax: 8302 0021
email: ltu@unisa.edu.au
Campus Leader: Catherine Klimeš
Campus Support Officer: Kate Borrett
Map of City West campus

The LTU office at City West campus will be closed from 12pm on Wednesday 23 April and on Thursday 24 April 2014. You may still contact the LTU at City West campus on 8302 0022 during this time where you will be directed to LTU staff offering services from City East campus. The LTU at City West will re-open at 8.45am on Monday 28 April 2014 in the new Jeffrey Smart Building.



Q building (next to Campus Central)
Ph: 8302 4423 / 1300 657 144
Fax: 8302 4390
email: ltu@unisa.edu.au
Campus Leader: Nadia Rajic
Campus Support Officer: Helen Stapleton
Map of Magill campus


Mawson Lakes

C building, Library
Ph: 8302 5006 / 1300 657 133
Fax: 8302 5777
email: ltu@unisa.edu.au
Campus Leader: Dr Rowena Harper
Campus Support Officer: Greg Moran
Map of Mawson Lakes campus


Office of the Director

Ground Floor, David Pank building
160 Currie Street, City West
Ph: 8302 7847
Fax: 8302 7861
email: ltu@unisa.edu.au
Director Learning and Teaching: Professor Margaret Hicks
Unit Executive Officer: Ange McClelland



Campus Central is the first point of contact for LTU services on the Whyalla campus. Campus Central can organise a telephone or email appointment with a metropolitan based LTU staff member, for which a private office will be provided.

Ph: 86 476161 (calling from Whyalla)
Ph: 8302 6161 (calling from Adelaide)
email: campuscentral.whyalla@unisa.edu.au
Map of Whyalla campus


Campus Central staff also have oversight of disability services in Whyalla. They will help with some issues themselves (eg provision of a note-taker or scribe, arranging extra time in exams), or refer to the University's Disability Liaison Officer, or to the outsourced counselling services offered on campus.

Mt Gambier Regional Centre

UniSA's General Office is the first local point of contact for most LTU services (Careers, Disability Advice, and L3: Language, Literacies and Learning). Staff can organise a telephone or email appointment with a metropolitan based LTU staff member and provide a private office if necessary.

Ph: 8721 8900
Fax: 8721 8951
email: mountgambier.enquiries@unisa.edu.au
Map of Mt Gambier Regional Centre


External student enquiries

Ph: (08) 8302  0022 / 1300 656 377
Fax (08) 8302 0021
or contact the campus of your choice (listed above)
email: ltu@unisa.edu.au
forum: external student forum


Students wanting individual telephone or online appointments with LTU staff can also contact the metropolitan LTU campus offices listed above, using the Toll Free numbers. Counselling services are available locally. General Office staff will refer students to the outsourced counselling services. Students are also welcome to access online Counselling resources.

E-referral for staff

Students can be referred to the LTU by academic staff when they are concerned about a students well-being. Visit the e-referral web page for more information.


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