MI*Net consultants are experienced industrial mathematicians. The contacts listed below can either help you with your problem or else put you in contact with someone who can.

Lynn Batten Vic network security, computational chemistry
Philip Broadbridge NSW flow in porous media, metal surface processes, heat conduction, mechanics, electrochemistry
Lou Caccetta WA large scale optimisation, mining
Neville Fowkes WA fluid mechanics, mechanics of solids
Jim Hill NSW granular materials, heat transfer
Graeme Hocking WA free surface hydrodynamics, industrial and environmental modelling, physical limnology
Phil Howlett SA optimal control, optimisation, approximation, railways
Mohan Krishnamoorthy Vic machine scheduling, labour/personnel scheduling, rostering, facility location
Kerry Landman Vic engineering, biological and medical systems
Sean McElwain Qld engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, biology, medicine
David Panton SA scheduling, rostering, operations research
David Sier Vic scheduling, rostering
Ernie Tuck SA hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, industrial fluid mechanics
Rod Weber ACT combustion, bushfires, mapping and navigation, projectiles, fluid mechanics
Bill Whiten Qld process simulation, automatic model building, mineral processing
Song-Ping Zhu NSW fluid dynamics, finance