David Panton David Panton

School of Mathematics
University of South Australia
Mawson Lakes
South Australia 5095

Phone: (08) 8302 3196
E-mail: david.panton@unisa.edu.au

Dr David Panton is a Principal Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of South Australia, and a Director of MI*Net.

Recent projects

  • Forecasting issues in the electricity market and the development of an optimal contract strategy (CS Energy , MISG 1999)
  • Optimisation of work flow (ASTA Components, MISG 1997)
  • Scheduling in the manufacture of evaporative air conditioners (Seeley International, MISG 1995)
  • Scheduling tirage champagne production (Penfolds Wines Pty Ltd, MISG 1991)
  • Planning for radar surveillance missions
  • Rostering / personnel scheduling
  • Optimal routing on street networks