Bill Whiten Bill Whiten

Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre
University of Queensland
St Lucia
Queensland 4072

Phone: (07) 3365 5888
E-mail: w.whiten@uq.edu.au

Bill Whiten is a principal research fellow and Chief Scientist in the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre at the University of Queensland. He has worked extensively in the development and application of specific process models for mineral processing applications.

Recent projects

  • Inferring eye movements on the basis of head and visual target position (SOLA International, MISG 2001)
  • A washing machine balance problem (Email Ltd, Washing Products Division, MISG 2000)
  • Sequencing of excavation blocks for removing coal overburden using a dragline
  • Chocolate biscuit solidification (Arnott's Biscuits, MISG 1999)
  • Flow and hardness of moulding sand resulting from air pressure impact (Toowoomba Foundry , MISG 1998)
  • Modelling and optimal control of plate evaporators (CSR Sugar Mills, MISG 1995)
  • Diamond drilling for core sampling (Longyear Australia, MISG 1994)