Industry index

This index lists industrial problems that have been tackled at Mathematics-in-Industry Study Group workshops since 1984. The highlighted project titles are linked to full case studies.

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The application of pesticides to grape bunches


Airline crew scheduling


Use of available storage to improve scheduling in an automobile assembly plant
Modelling linered engine blocks
Thin-walled beam optimisation
Resonant whirling of two-piece propshafts in rear wheel-drive cars
Principal moments of inertia of a vehicle engine assembly


Optimising quarry product production and delivery


Forecasting issues in the electricity market and the development of an optimal contract strategy


Optimisation of an ultrasonic nebuliser
Analysis of ultrasonic sensing systems
Slurry behaviour in separation devices
Modelling the backwash process in microfiltration
Air handling system optimisation
Jitter in electromechanical devices
Atmospheric sound propagation
Stresses induced by non-circularity in nominally circular sections under internal pressure
Some mathematical aspects of hollow fibre ultrafiltration
Explosively induced stress wave from a finite cylindrical source


Movement of saline water in an aquifer system


Model construction for decision support systems for beef stations


Long term foreign currency exchange rate predictions


Maximising yield from Queensland's scallop resource


Scheduling tirage champagne production
Cooling of jarred cheese spreads
The application of pesticides to grape bunches
Chocolate biscuit solidification
Process optimisation of rice gelatinisation for beer production
Improving the design and operation of a Tweedy dough mixer
Wet gum labelling of wine bottles
Modelling the cooking process of a single cereal grain
Modelling and optimal control of plate evaporators


Modelling of selection and mating decisions in tree breeding programs


Corrosion and wear in moulding boxes
Efficient design of tall tapered feeders
Dip coating process for hot metal castings
Flow and hardness of moulding sand resulting from air pressure impact


Warehouse order processing and dispatching
Optimisation of an ultrasonic nebuliser
Managing waiting list and theatre scheduling for surgical procedures

Information technology

Medical data compression
Compression of high quality audio signals


Testing of the fracture of spectacle lenses
A washing machine balance problem
Modelling and optimisation of low solids waste treatment processes
Inferring eye movements on the basis of head and visual target position
Drying and curing of stains and lacquers used in furniture finishing
A comparison of bearing life in new and refurbished railway axle boxes
Warehouse order processing and dispatching
Optimisation of work flow
Modelling an inverted belt filter
Droplet formation inside a Venturi liquid mixer
Store capacity optimisation
Modelling optical fibre cable
Efficient homogenisation of photographic dispersions
Scheduling in the manufacture of evaporative air conditioners
Plasma bevel cutting
Microwave heating of a flowing slurry
Modelling of the dip-coating process
Modelling dispersion effects in paper - effective thickness estimates
Oil blending: mixing and contamination
Optimal surface cutting
Use of detergent in wool scouring
Production life of tube swimmers
Piping in newsprint rolls


Slag ladle insulation
Reduction behaviour in Fastmet pellets
A simple model for the cold rolling of metal foil
Stratification in steelmaking ladles
Rolling mill performance
Modelling and simulation of a vibroformer for carbon anodes used in aluminium production
Atomisation of molten zinc
Heat transfer in a continuous bloomcaster
Transient model of a gas-fired furnace
Droplet cooling of galvanised iron
Effect of deposition of combustible matter onto electric power cables
Buckling of rolled strip
Bubble formation and movement in aluminium reduction cells
The premature wearing of a BOS lance
Edge profile in hot rolling
Pre-heating in aluminium alloy blocks


Optimising quarry product production and delivery
Using fractals and power laws to predict the location of mineral deposits
Optimisation of cavity formation and entrainment in submerged water jets
Product stabilisation for visual inspection systems in the Queensland coal industry
Copper ore heap leaching
Blending methodologies in talc operations
Moisture movement in bulk stockpiles
Modelling barriers for coal dust suppression
Gas field scheduling
Diamond drilling for core sampling
Optimised dragline planning model
Design and loading of dragline buckets
Flows in gas pipelines
Optimal train schedule/train length
Strategic planning and optimisation in an open cut coal mine


Production cost improvements for polystyrene products
PVC autoclave model
Mechanical characteristics of carbon fibre yacht masts
Warping of moulded plastics
Two phase flow through a plastic mould


Efficient loading of intermodal container trains
A comparison of bearing life in new and refurbished railway axle boxes
Analysis of train wheel rail noise
AC versus DC locomotives
Modelling and analysis of wheel replacement and restoration
Management of interstate rail rollingstock
Modelling the effects of coupler slack in long coal and ore trains
Optimal train schedule/train length