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November 7 2007

SA businesses get a free tune-up

New business advisor Philip RansomeDid SA businesses ever stand to gain so much for nothing?

A free Business Review Service, designed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of SA businesses in the manufacturing and service industries, is up and running at UniSA’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Research as part of the Federal Government’s Australian Industry Productivity Centres scheme.

Newly-appointed business advisor Philip Ransome says he is yet to find a business that hasn’t welcomed the free business diagnosis.

“Every business is unique and has its own unique set of problems,” he says.

“Some don’t have quality assurance or safety systems, some don’t have a business plan and others might have cashflow issues.

“The Business Review Service helps businesses to identify those aspects of their business that need attention in order to improve competitiveness and enhance productivity.”

Ransome, who has 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, says businesses are looking for advice on how to remain innovative.

“Businesses are under immense pressure to ‘think globally’, and this is especially true of the manufacturing sector.”

Once a review has been completed, Ransome helps businesses find appropriate mentors and experts to implement the assessment’s recommendations. Businesses are also eligible then for a matched grant of up to $20,000 to undertake improvements, or introduce new technologies and processes.

The Business Review Service is available to businesses with a turnover of more than $2 million.

For more information about the Business Review Service, contact Philip Ransome on (08) 8302 5066, 0438 49 39 99 or by email.

Businesses can also register their interest here.

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