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November 20 2007

$25million spend but “Climate Clever” message gets no real cut-through

No cut-through for Government's climate change adsDespite a $25 million advertising blitz from the Federal Government with the message that they are “investing around $3.5 billion to tackle the problem” of climate change, three in four Australians feel that government needs to do more.

Researchers at UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute conducted a nation-wide survey on global warming and the effectiveness of the recent “Climate Clever” campaign run by the Federal Government and found cut-through for the message was poor.

Only 20per cent of Australians recalled the radio and or TV ads, and few realised it was an official government message.

A key focus of the advertising was to get Australians to visit a website or call a hotline to learn how they could become “Climate Clever”. However, the research found that, of the 800 people surveyed, no one made a call and a mere one in 400 claimed to have visited the website.

Senior Researcher at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Dr Anne Sharp says most Australians have not been moved to action, despite the large government spend on the campaign.

“There is a lot of work to be done to educate consumers and bring about behavioural changes,” Dr Sharp says. “Our survey results show that more than 2 in 5 Australians admit to knowing little or nothing about global warming.

“Tackling the climate change problem effectively will rely on Australians making consumption changes, and to have any hope of real behavioural change consumers must understand why and what they need to do. An effective national campaign will need leading-edge marketing to get the message across.”

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