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August 21 2007

A taste of success for UniSA’s wine marketing researchers

New study looks at the effectiveness of in store wine tastingAn innovative research project from UniSA’s Wine Marketing Research Group has been awarded the prestigious Wine Press Club of NSW Fellowship grant of $7,500 for 2007.

The successful researchers Professor Larry Lockshin and David Knott will be researching the real impact of in-store wine tasting on wine sales.

Boldly titled, Boozing or Branding? Measuring the effect of free samples at wine shops, the project is a completely new area of research and one with potentially high impact on the sale and marketing of wines.

“In any industry often you continue to do something - such as wine tastings – because the commonly held view is that it works,” Prof Lockshin says.

“But until you actually do the research you can’t be sure whether a marketing technique is really working in the longer term. We have found many wineries pour free wine, but have no idea if it attracts new customers to their brand.

“What we hope to uncover is who tastes wine in wine shops, why they taste it and whether or not it actually influences their buying behaviour.”

The empirical research will be undertaken in stores in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney across a range of different wine brands, large and small, using scan data to assess pre and post sales for individual product and across the broader brand portfolio.

The findings of the project will be published in WBM Australia’s wine business magazine and presented to members at the NSW Wine Press Club in early 2008.

Professor Lockshin and David Knott work in the Wine Marketing Research Group at UniSA’s Erhenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Research.


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