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January 14 2008

Indulge your mind – improve your business

Associate Professor Bruce GurdIn a first for Australia, UniSA’s International Graduate School of Business is launching an exciting new pathway to learning for senior business professionals at executive management level that guarantees to enrich their minds with high-level business knowledge that applies to their businesses.

As part of the Executive Doctorate of Business Administration program launch, Associate Professor: Management, Bruce Gurd will speak on the business conundrum of how business success results from binning the budget in a seminar entitled Business success = bin the budget?

Budgeting processes have been under the microscope for the last two decades. From Europe Prof Gurd reports on the radical idea of abandoning budgets altogether – the “Beyond Budgeting” movement.

Annual budgeting cycle and monthly comparisons against budgets are part of the fabric of most organisations, according to Prof Gurd.

So how could an organisation just bin its budgets?

“The radical part of Beyond Budgeting is not the binning of the budget but the shift from a command and control hierarchical model to an adaptive decentralised organisation,” Prof Gurd said.

“Perhaps this explains why the Scandinavian companies have led the world in moving beyond budgets. They have strong cultures of trust and are willing to decentralise,” he said.

“While many managers might find the idea of abandoning budgets attractive, Sydney Water is one of few Australian organisations that have taken the plunge,” he said. “What does the research evidence tell us about the role of budgets in Australian organisations? Is it just that Australian managers lack that sense of adventure?”

Like to know more about this business conundrum? Prof Gurd will discuss this and other topics at the launch seminar.

Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (EDBA)

The EDBA program explores in-depth the leading edge literature in eight key management fields without the narrow research focus of a traditional PhD. It helps participants to find new management ideas to stay ahead of the pack and to keep up-to-date with business thinking that’s relevant to their business.

An alternative to in-house executive development programs or short courses that lack depth, innovation and recognition, the EDBA gives participants the chance to indulge their minds with challenging thinking while improving the performance of their businesses by working on practical applications based on their learning. The EDBA goes beyond the accepted business norms to investigate the principles that will build the theory of tomorrow.

Prof Gurd will be joined by EDBA Program Director Dr Marguerite Kolar at the launch seminar

Business success = bin the budget?
Wednesday 30 January
6pm for 6.30pm start
Bradley Forum, Hawke Building
City West campus, University of South Australia

The seminar will also be an opportunity for people to find out more about the EDBA program including content, assessment and learning outcomes.

To register call Chou Tea on 8302 0504 or register online.

Associate Professor Bruce Gurd
Bruce Gurd is a researcher and educator in management control systems at UniSA’s International Graduate School of Business. His main research interests are in performance measurement systems and activity-based costing. He is supervising research in the area of the theory of constraints and the balanced scorecard. His research areas and those of his PhD students include alignment of stakeholder expectations and management control systems; the balanced scorecard in Chinese hospitals; the role of the financial manager in family business, and the theory of constraints.


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