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February 7 2011

UniSA hosts major tourism conference

The success of the Santos Tour Down Under is one of many topics being discussed at this week's tourism conference at UniSA. This photograph was taken at the start of Stage 1 at Mawson Lakes.UniSA will host a major tourism conference this week, bringing leading tourism and hospitality experts and industry leaders from Australia and around the world together to discuss the latest innovations in tourism.
The Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education 2011 National Conference is being held at the Hawke Building at UniSA’s City West Campus from tomorrow (February 8 to 11).
UniSA’s School of Management is host and major sponsor of the event, which this year carries as its theme, South Australia’s tourism slogan ‘A brilliant blend’.
UniSA Professor of Tourism Management Graham Brown says the conference is an important event which will showcase the tourism expertise within UniSA’s School of Management and South Australia’s key attractions including the Adelaide Zoo, Convention Centre and wineries in the Adelaide Hills.
“The conference provides an opportunity to draw the attention of delegates from around the world to the range of research conducted by people in the School of Management,” Prof Brown says.
Prof Brown is one of more than 10 academics and researchers from the School of Management presenting at the conference. Others include Tourism and Event Management Program Director Jenny Davies, and lecturers and researchers Dr Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, Dr Rob Hallak, Dr Sam Huang and Dr Michael Gross.
Overseas presenters at the conference include Professor John Tribe, head of tourism at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom; Canadian Professor Philip Dearden, an internationally recognised expert in tourism and conservation planning and implementation; and Professor Jean-Pierre Poulain from the University of Toulouse, France.
Prof Brown says the SA Tourism Commission’s ‘A brilliant blend’ position statement, which refers to the range of experiences that make SA a great place to visit, would be a focal point of the conference.
“In tourism education, it is essential to understand the ingredients that make a successful destination,” he says.
“The first plenary session examines industry blends. It will be chaired by Bill Spurr, who was previously the Chief Executive of the SA Tourism Commission. The session will feature a presentation by Paul Grabowsky, artistic director of the Adelaide Festival, and there will be four presentations to examine the industry blend that makes the Tour Down Under such a successful event.”
The second plenary will focus on the nature of tourism and hospitality and will include James Cook University Professor Philip Pearce, who was the first Professor of Tourism in Australia, talking about the importance of returning home as a motive for tourism. The third plenary discusses the relationship between wildlife and tourism.
More information about the conference can be found at http://www.cauthe.com.au/conferences.html


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