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2001 news releases

Death knell for the Bronzed Aussie – our youth unfit on a world scale 20 December 2001

Worldwide view of the latest thinking computers 7 December 2001

Unemployed and stressed out – it’s the same the world over International conference looks at unemployment and health 6 December 2001

Conference explores tools of peace 26 November 2001

UniSA top of the charts for international students 15 November 2001 

New Dean for UniSA’s Whyalla campus 14 November 2001

Driving to protect our environment 23 October 2001

Energy card scores top rating for housing design 19 October 2001

Chase for a clean car powers ahead 19 October 2001

The debate that stops the nation Capacity crowd to hear former PMs and politicians talk 18 October 2001

Terra Nullius replaced by Terra Nullified says Clark in Unaipon Lecture 18 October 2001

New research centre aims for super safety in the air 10 October 2001

Finding the ethical bottom line UniSA’s Smartlink manufacturing and values seminar series 20 September 2001

Slaves or careerists - no fair choices for modern women Clare Burton Memorial Lecture 2001 19 September 2001

When the going gets tough - who survives? UniSA free lecture uncovers some secrets of survival. 17 September 2001

Teen beat gives girls power 14 September 2001

UniSA study investigates dangers of herbal remedies 5 September 2001

Water – the elixir of life. Or is it? 4 September 2001

Talking up Australia’s research investment - Sir Gustav Nossal pushes for a post-election summit  28 August 2001

Study: there’s no such thing as the point of no return 20 August 2001

Uni study buys a bigger slice of national earnings 17 August 2001

Global issues seminar kicks off International Business Week 13 August 2001

A direct hit for surface landmine detection 8 August 2001

Teeing off on the right course 27 July 2001

UniSA helps to map the road to acceptance 26 July 2001

UniSA's Whyalla Dean set to retire 25 July 2001

UniSA uncovers unsung heroes – a multicultural network of volunteers 19 July 2001

Hong Kong graduates celebrate distant studies at a local level 19 July 2001

Tax linked with inequality says leading economist James Galbraith 16 July 2001

Singapore graduates celebrate distant studies at a local level 15 July 2001

Malaysian graduates celebrate distant studies at a local level 13 July 2001

Education the foundation of future building industry success 11 July 2001

The full face of domestic violence – UniSA launches new research unit 10 July 2001

Big wins for governments that support industry clusters 9 July 2001

Sweet success for UniSA’s young designers 9 July 2001

UniSA forges a web alliance that graduates can bank on 4 July 2001

UniSA puts more grunt into Australia’s first super microscope 22 June 2001

Migrant histories educate SA’s mental health workers 14 June 2001

Much more than profits - redefining good business in Australia 6 June 2001

Older but staying independent – UniSA shows you how 6 June 2001

UniSA’s Psychology Clinic fills a community care gap 31 May 2001

Sci-fi communications - the new North Terrace chic 29 May 2001

UniSA honours dedication to social justice - Justice Michael Kirby awarded honorary doctorate 24 Aprl 2001

Line honours for UniSA’s online management graduates 23 April 2001

Serbian Australians suffer the Balkan wars at a distance 19 April 2001

Clergy find it hard to be holy 10 April 2001

UniSA names Sir Eric Neal Library at Mawson Lakes campus 9 April 2001

Stock and station agents new "gurus" for 21st century farmers 5 April 2001

UniSA provides free seminar on medicines for older South Australians 29 March 2001

Older people a boon to the economy 27 March 2001

UniSA explores how country Australia talks and listens 26 March 2001

Double-barrelled degrees trigger women’s entry into sciences 26 March 2001

UniSA empowers Indonesia to search for greener pastures 13 March 2001

New handbook puts the brakes on bullying 7 March 2001

Pharmacy Practice Standards will benefit the consumer 6 March 2001

New pharmacy Trust dedicated to namesake’s innovation and best practice 23 Feb 2001

UniSA announces new scholarships for financially disadvantaged  22 Feb 2001

New book helps to teach children to protect themselves from abuse 7 Feb 2001

Our solar bandit on track to build tomorrow's clean cars 6 Feb 2001

On-line work skills to boost postgraduate success 2 Feb 2001

Technology Universities strive for culture of innovation 30 Jan 2001

Industry powers ahead with the magic of maths 24 Jan 2001

Global property markets in the spotlight UniSA hosts international Property and Real Estate Conference 19 Jan 2001

UniSA celebrates 10 years of excellence for Indigenous youth 11 Jan 2001