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2003 news releases

Juvenile offender programs put under the spotlight December 22 2003

UniSA wins million dollar contract for new defence industry Masters degree December 19 2003

UniSA signs $1m technology development deal December 17 2003

Sexy see-through design gives 8-ball a new lease of life December 16 2003

Huang to be honoured at UniSA international graduations December 15 2003

Celebrating 100 years of education at UniSA’s ‘secular cathedral’ December 9 2003

Clean safe water – the fundamentals of Human Rights December 9 2003

UniSA nurturing Australia's future business leaders December 8 2003

Be kind and survive the festive season December 4 2003

Peer tutoring program adds innovation to engineering, science and technology in high schools December 3 2003

10 year success for management graduates of UniSA TAFE alliance December 1 2003

Designers of tomorrow on show today November 27 2003

Keeping dialogue open between Islam and the West November 27 2003

UniSA hosts world’s top marketing gurus November 26 2003

Testing hair for drugs, lifestyles of ancient and modern peoples November 19 2003

UniSA gets International nurses on the wards November 18 2003

Cheating, copying, or making a mistake November 18 2003

Readiness, a priority for anger management success November 13 2003

World water salvation a complex issue November 12 2003

UniSA welcomes national standards for alternative therapies November 12 2003

UniSA researchers unlocking the channels to treat bone disease November 12 2003

Adelaide – are we born to be wild? November 6 2003

Japan’s world physics expert to talk fusion and chips in Adelaide November 3 2003

UniSA wins gold for excellence in engineering and commercialisation October 21 2003

Seeking sustainability in the Australian dream October 21 2003

ARC grant funds smart packaging to secure quality food export market October 17 2003

SA to share Israel’s water wisdom October 15 2003

Demonstrating sustainability- modelling better design October 14 2003

Clare Burton Memorial Lecture 2003 November 24 2003

Breaking ground on the Blueprint for UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus September 24 2003

New website brings resources home to Indigenous managers September 23 2003

Recycled water flows into the laundry September 17 2003

Justice underpins the path to peace in a lopsided world September 16 2003

A tribute to Hawke in history September 15 2003

Name your poison – find your cure September 12 2003

New media technologies put the famous in the hot seat September 12 2003

Shhhh … this is a library conference September 11 2003

2,000 to graduate from UniSA August 29 2003

Ancient health therapies find a home at UniSA August 29 2003

Quality counselling should be more than ‘hit and miss’ August 28 2003

New UniSA centre leads billion-dollar environmental clean up worldwide August 26 2003

UniSA’s e-World Laboratory joins SA node of CRC program August 25 2003

World first in evidence-based allied health August 22 2003

KDU College and the University of South Australia join forces to graduate master communicators August 22 2003

UniSA’s e-commerce whiz kids open the portal to understanding autism August 21 2003

When making up stories is the very best thing for children August 20 2003

‘Fly-in fly-out’ visitor centre in the desert a testament to teamwork August 19 2003

Omega 3 and a walk in the park might be the key to a healthy heart August 19 2003

Science is a 4-letter word August 14 2003

Quick fix not the answer for Indigenous Australia August 12 2003

UniSA researchers count the cost of epidemic heart failure in Australia August 5 2003

Australian schools tread different paths to counter bullying July 31 2003

The magnetic personality of our hottest star July 29 2003

Older people may be experts in thinking it through July 29 2003

Look no wires - UniSA students online and on the move July 23 2003

UniSA finds a measure for aircrew error July 15 2003

UniSA researchers clean up Korean contaminated sites July 14 2003

Buffy the Vampire Slayer at home with the War on Terror July 14 2003

UniSA study highlights retirees’ financial squeeze July 7, 2003

UniSA uncovers mental health anguish for men with lives on hold 7 July 2003

Offshore UniSA graduates to take centre stage at home 4 July 2003

Oz business week provides hothouse for young business leaders 4 July 2003

Clean heat – as simple as sunshine 25 June 2003

Spinal Care - Students put their backs into it 20 June 2003

SA markets a unique space education experience to the world 18 June 2003

Fringe becomes the focus for student arts managers 11 June 2003

Find out how easy it is to start your degree 6 June 2003

UniSA brings designer trolleys to Adelaide Central Market 6 June 2003

Reclaiming the streets - a key task for urban planners 3 June 2003

UniSA scholarships for Indigenous achievers 27 May 2003

Culture of adult intervention is ‘stressing out’ our kids 27 May 2003

Forests fashion new systems for sustainable manufacturing 27 May 2003

Adelaideans keen to find out how we can build greener, cleaner cities 23 May 2003

UniSA funds $2.31 million for new research initiatives May 20 2003

Saving Australian pastoral country – is it too late? 20 May 2003

New technologies open the door to shortcut journalism 13 May 2003

A leg-up for students with a passion to succeed 7 May 2003

UniSA lifts the veil on Islamic feminism 24 April 2003

SA women slam the Constitutional Convention as an opportunity missed 15 April 2003

Taking care of business even when you get older 15 April 2003

Next wave of professionals take centre stage  7 April 2003  

Beijing’s best may make Adelaide their classroom 26 March 2003

Education offers a path to peace 21 March 2003

UniSA helps Grote Street businesses go eco friendly 17 March 2003

UniSA breaks ground in its $100m Capital Development Program 9 March 2003

UniSA puts the history of the Hawke era online 5 March 2003

UniSA scores major valuation education consultancy in Thailand February 29 2003

UniSA project puts kids first in family breakup 25 February 2003

Behaviour a major culprit in high home energy costs February 21 2003

A sensual experience for UniSA’s online wine marketing students 18 Feb 2003

UniSA monitors savings on energy efficient school designs 12 February 2003

UniSA health policy expert wins prestigious US study fellowship 29 January 2003

Hip action could give cyclists the edge 16 January 2003

UniSA appoints award winning scientist for Ian Wark Research Institute 6 January 2003