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2004 news releases

UniSA leads $30 million world class centre in environmental solutions December 22, 2004

Bird-call research on track to save fruit crops December 15, 2004

UniSA's graduations go global December 15, 2004

UniSA research reveals price before brand loyalty in wine marketing December 14, 2004

Bridging the gap between development and the environment December 9, 2004

Dynamic rostering keeps industry on track December 8, 2004

UniSA wins national award for educational services to the community December 1, 2004

Beating bullying and bystander behaviour December 1, 2004

$2.65 million funds UniSA water research centre November 29, 2004

UniSA develops tools to expose potential project failures November 22, 2004

Ending violence against women November 18, 2004

Racing toward a design on recycling November 11, 2004

UniSA students showing kids that fitness is fun November 11, 2004

Spacecraft guru at UniSA to give the low down on “extreme" travel November 8, 2004

UniSA brings university degrees home to Mt Gambier November 4, 2004

Contribution rewards November 3, 2004

UniSA launches research into the power of small things October 19, 2004

Riding on a better trail of conservation management October 15, 2004

Building awareness of a silent epidemic October 13, 2004

UniSA research looks at girls on the margins of education and work October 12, 2004

21st century lifestyle confounds kids’ fitness October 12, 2004

UniSA walks the environmental talk on greenhouse gas emissions October 12, 2004

Desert knowledge identifies plants with market potential October 11, 2004

Pharmacy conference to target safe drug use for the aged October 7, 2004

Social workers lament cheap care deal for Australia’s homeless October 2, 2004

Can men’s anti-violence programs stop domestic violence? October 1, 2004

You’re never too old to go Green September 22, 2004

UniSA's cool design earns merit in the US September 21, 2004

Designers win UniSA support for New York September 21, 2004

Blowing the cover on stalking September 20, 2004

Bringing the body into focus September 20, 2004

Limited access makes living in some suburbs a challenge September 15, 2004

Family expert to fill UniSA Chair in Child Protection September 10, 2004

Local design students scoop international award September 1, 2004

UniSA wins high praise from Australian university auditors September 1, 2004

More than 2,000 to graduate from UniSA August 30, 2004

UniSA wins $1.5 million for ARC Research Communications Network August 27, 2004

Is business risky in South Australia? World leading authority to talk on taking the fear out of risk management August 27, 2004

Space University to keep SA space research in orbit August 25, 2004

A body of evidence helps find perfect pilots August 24, 2004

UniSA poses the big questions about aged care August 24, 2004

Worldwide evidence says better care will halt heart failure epidemic August 20, 2004

UniSA presents spacey science by the lake August 19 2004

Defence Reserves win ongoing support at UniSA August 18 2004

UniSA wins funding for northern Adelaide health and wellbeing project August 16 2004

UniSA wins a hat trick of Tall Poppies August 12 2004

Growing pains are a real problem for one-third of young children August 11 2004

A warm winter welcome at UniSA’s Open Day 2004 August 11 2004

Is jackboot politics back on the European agenda? August 10 2004

When a state of mind meets the laws of the state August 9 2004

Online trading – graduate helps develop new global standards August 9 2004

Art for Animals: Postcards for a new beginning August 9 2004

UniSA helps marginalised youth gain social acceptance through music July 29 2004

International Fellowship supports hydrogen energy made from organic wastes July 28 2004

Great minds put robots on a mission to Mars July 15 2004

TPV holders win a foundation for mental health July 13 2004

New engineering agreement gives students an international edge July 3 2004

ARC grant funds new line of therapy for HIV and cancer prevention July 1 2004

Cause of Columbia space shuttle disaster revealed June 30 2004

How to succeed in e-business enterprise June 30 2004

Sustainable space – is Australia taking up the challenge? June 29 2004

UniSA seals deal for space research and teaching collaboration June 28 2004

Sandpits are serious business for UniSA toy designer June 15 2004

UniSA decides on fees and scholarships June 15 2004

Denmark a doorway to peak international business experience June 09 2004

UniSA students master design for games June 03 2004

New generation drug therapy targets the individual June 03 2004

Hard work and entrepreneurship prove winners at UniSA June 03 2004

Trial to beat cholesterol with soy and dairy combo June 01 2004

Generating recycled raw materials and energy from food industry wastes May 31 2004

UniSA appoints new Pro Vice Chancellor for Division of Health Sciences May 29 2004

Making Adelaide a great place to walk May 28 2004

Sustainability a priority for new head of school May 28 2004

Wireless security under scrutiny May 28 2004

UniSA researchers get to the core of sleep problems May 27 2004

Supporting a passion to learn against the odds May 26 2004

UniSA researchers add digital watermarks to protect copyright May 26 2004

Water expert leads SA on journey to water sustainability May 24 2004

New research facility to uncover good health through food and fitness May 12 2004

Study to authenticate the power of yoga May 03 2004

Study looks at how your house effects your job prospects May 03 2004

New technology challenges conventional wisdom in counselling April 29 2004

Graphic images take toll on children’s peace of mind April 29 2004

Physical activity and health messages not understood by children April 28 2004

Heralding a new system of health and wellbeing April 14 2004

UniSA wins international approval for business education April 5 2004

Francou the rowing champ among 5,000 to graduate from UniSA April 5 2004

Ginger proves a tummy settler for mums to be April 2 2004

UniSA research breakthrough in the treatment of malignant tumours March 30 2004

New Le Cordon Bleu programs unveiled at UniSA March 30 2004

New generation solar lights part of Mawson Lakes’ sustainable vision March 19 2004

Blown away by new notions of art and culture March 15 2004

“Down home” response works best for rural victims of domestic violence March 8 2004

Free trade in business ideas underway at UniSA March 5 2004

UniSA taps into the graduate network March 1 2004

Construction begins on the new Mawson Centre February 11 2004

Fear of failure puts kids with substance addictions at greater risk January 27 2004

Juvenile justice programs pay little attention to what makes youths offend January 30 2004

Culturally sensitive focus needed for Indigenous juvenile offenders January 30 2004

It’s not too late to change your university preferences January 2 2004