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Mawason CentreUniSA is committed to advancing, disseminating and preserving knowledge through the provision of a teaching, learning and research environment that fosters excellence in scholarship, innovation and social responsibility: http://www.unisa.edu.au/Research/

We aim to conduct research and consultancy with an emphasis on application of knowledge in collaboration with government, industry, commerce, the professions and other community groups.

We do not just create knowledge, we apply it so that our research can be translated into new products and services that will be needed tomorrow.

UniSA researchers identify and address the needs of industry, government and community partners.

We have six research institutes, 17 supported research centres and a range of committed research groups and individuals undertaking world-leading research. The University is a key partner in twelve Cooperative Research Centres and in major national and state-based initiatives. Further information can be found at: http://www.unisa.edu.au/Research/Research-institutes-and-centres/

Research at UniSA is making a difference to the way we live, work, think and grow.

Research and Innovation Services (RIS): www.unisa.edu.au/res/default.asp

RIS supports the research community to achieve and exceed UniSA’s research, innovation and commercialisation targets; increase the odds of winning research income; and competitively position UniSA in national and international benchmarks. RIS assists with all aspects of research funding applications, including research protections in relation to ethics, commercial and legal risks, financial acquittals and reporting to the funders on milestone achievements.

Graduate Research Centre: http://www.unisa.edu.au/Research/Research-degrees/Enquire-about-a-research-degree/

The Graduate Research Centre provides valuable services, information and resources to research students and staff to support a high-quality research degree experience.

Strategic Research Partnerships: http://www.unisa.edu.au/Research/Industry-partners/Strategic-Research-Partnerships/

UniSA’s Strategic Research Partnerships brings together people from across a spectrum of disciplines in academia, government, private enterprise and the community to address big issues in novel ways.

Division research

The academic and research structure of the University comprises academic divisions, and research institutes and centres. Research and research education occurs within a cohesive structure under well-defined policies and procedures guided by an international best practice framework.

ITEK: www.itek.com.au/index.php

ITEK is a commercialisation company wholly owned by the University of South Australia. Its strategy is to create long-term value through the licensing of Intellectual Property (IP) and the creation of spin-off companies from research conducted at the University.

Research Institutes

Supported research institutes

The University funds research activities that both encourage individual researchers and support research in identified areas of strength to address national needs.

Ian Wark Research Institute (The Wark)

Conducts research across three sectors: Bio and Polymer Interfaces, Colloids and Nanostructures, and Mineral Processing
Contact: Professor Magnus Nydén 

Institute for Telecommunications Research

Specialises in research and technology development for wireless communications, including both fixed and mobile, satellite and terrestrial based applications
Contact: Mr Jeff Kasparian

Hawke Research Institute

Conducts world class cross-disciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences that supports an ecologically diverse and sustainable world of tolerant and inclusive democratic societies
Contact: Professor Anthony Elliott

Sansom Institute for Health Research

Brings together internationally recognised research concentrations in quality use of medicines and pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical science and molecular medicine
Contact: Associate Professor Pat Buckley

Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

One of the world's leading centres for research in marketing, the Institute makes fundamental discoveries about consumer behaviour and advises international firms. Research areas include advertising, sustainable marketing, wine marketing, pricing, buyer behaviour and media.
Contact: Professor Byron Sharp

Barbara Hardy Institute

Provides leadership in research and engagement with industry, government and communities to create integrated structural, technological and behavioural solutions for sustainably managed communities and natural environments.
Contact: Professor Chris Daniels (acting)