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Medication Calculation Certificate

I entered the correct answer and the website informs me it is incorrect

Return to: Additional Resources> FAQ (Conditional Evidence & Clinical Placements)

Learning resources are available on the e3Learning website.


If you are still experiencing difficulties, please provide the following information to emma.hiscock@unisa.edu.au who will investigate your issue further:

  1. Provide the full medication question. Yes, word for word.

  2. Summary of actual issue you are experiencing and what you have done – i.e. adjust roller clamp or syringe

  3. Screen shot of the answer you entered before submitting. Yes, you may find you will take screen shots and then be told you have entered the correct answer.  I do need a screenshot of beforehand so it’s best to do this.

  4. Screen shot where it states incorrect. The incorrect message will show an image of the correct answer and not of what you submitted.