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What does the Student Ombud do?

The role of the Student Ombud is to ensure that all students receive fair and equitable treatment within the University of South Australia. Although an employee of the University, the Student Ombud operates independently and considers all sides of a dispute in an impartial and objective way.  It is usually best to think of the Student Ombud as a last resort who can be approached when all else has failed within the University. However  in cases of unlawful discrimination  and harassment, you may approach the Ombud office directly.  


The Student Ombud is there to provide advice and, if appropriate, independently investigate your complaint to determine whether you have been treated fairly and that all the correct policies and procedures have been followed. If you require assistance to find and/or understand  the relevant procedures you may contact the Student Ombud Office for advice. Remember all discussions with this office are confidential unless otherwise negotiated.

The Student Ombud offers you a service which 


UniSA has always had a strong commitment to equity and diversity. The Student Ombud facilitates the effective handling of complaints of unlawful discrimination and harassment involving students.  You may contact the Student Ombud Office  or an Equity Contact person, or a Counsellor if you require advice or assistance in these matters.  Equity contacts are on every campus and are trained to offer you advice in instances of perceived harassment and discrimination.

The Student Ombud is also involved in reviewing policies and procedures. If a complaint identifies a deficiency in UniSA processes the Student Ombud will act to rectify this, especially when this may prevent other students from experiencing the same problem. The Student Ombud enjoys a good relationship with the Student Advisory Officers and works closely with all staff of the University.