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Presentations: Education, Arts and Social Sciences

The Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences works across fields related to the arts, social sciences and humanities, with a unique focus on applied research and educating future professionals.

We promote inter-disciplinary studies to give our students a unique experience that reflects our diverse and inter-related society.

Where possible, we incorporate real world experience into study programs to best prepare our students for their professional careers.


  • Art, Architecture and Design
  • Communication, International Studies and Languages
  • David Unaipon College for Indigenous Education and Research
  • Education
  • Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy

Presentation Overviews

Languages and Intercultural Communications

12.00pm, HH Building HH3-09

Interested in communicating across different cultures? Want to have an international career? This information session introduces a unique program that combines the study of a language, culture and intercultural communication, with a professional specialisation. Learn about the importance of language, and develop an understanding of different cultures and the role they play in an increasingly internationalised world. This one of a kind program also gives students the opportunity to study abroad or have a professional placement. Hear how this exciting program prepares students to be linguistically and culturally proficient professionals working in a variety of work environments.


12.00pm, BH Building BH2-09

Journalism is not just what you see on the TV news, in your local paper or on the internet - it is all of this and much more. Journalists work in a variety of settings and contexts to provide information of relevance and importance to the public. Journalism provides possibilities for experiences not encountered in other professions and offers many challenges. UniSA offers the only Journalism Program in South Australia. Find out more about how this program can lead you into an ever-changing and challenging profession.

Public Relations

12.45pm, BH Building BH2-09

Public relations prepares students for a specialist career in public relations management and communication. Students gain skills in writing, working with traditional and social media, and they plan creative campaigns and events. Students work on real life crises and apply their learning to day to day situations. Through internships and placements public relations students become skilled in public relations planning, managing campaigns and taking a leading role as front line communicators for their organisations. UniSA offers South Australia’s only public relations degree and it is accredited by the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

Arts (BA)

9.45am, Mercury Cinema

This is a specialised program aimed at high achieving students. Centring around the notion of ethical citizenship, our Bachelor of Arts program offers you a choice of five strands of study, which include Communication, Creativity and Culture; History and Belonging; Languages, Literature and Language; and Politics and International Studies. The added value of Bachelor of Arts is that it provides a pathway to other programs such as law and journalism.

Media Arts

12.00pm, Mercury Cinema
3.45pm, Mercury Cinema (Repeat session)

Media Arts is the program of choice if you have a creative passion and would like to Major in a field such as Interactive Multimedia, Digital Design, Web Development, Animation, Film and Television, Drama and Music Media. Through practical-based learning experiences you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to conceptualise, design and communicate creatively in real-time and mediated events across digital media platforms or through live performance. As a Media Arts graduate you will have the skills and experience required to work in a field that is revolutionising all forms of personal, professional and public communication.

International Relations

12.45pm, HH Building HH3-09

Do you have an interest in International Relations? Develop an understanding of the complexities of international affairs and the dynamics of continuing and changing societies. Learn about cross-cultural, political, ethical and international relations concepts and apply them to professional practice. Students have the option of studying a semester abroad or participating in UniSA’s unique Hawke Ambassador International Volunteer Experience. And if you wish, you can learn a language. Graduates can find employment in international companies, government, media, as well as community organisations. UniSA also offers a wide range of double degree options with this program.

Communication & Media Management

2.15pm, Mercury Cinema

A degree in Communication and Media Management enables students to gain knowledge and practical skills in a range of areas in communication and media management, including public relations, writing and reporting for the media, document production, digital media, advertising and organisational communication. Students gain an understanding of both the theoretical and practical dimensions of communication and media management and apply their skills to real-world projects. In addition to the core studies in Communication and Media Management students select two complementary areas of study for additional specialisation.

Writing & Creative Communication

3.00pm, Mercury Cinema

If you enjoy writing, reading, and exploring how language works, then this program is for you. You will be explore and begin to understand a wide variety of texts – including written, oral, visual or multimodal – through creative writing, editing and publishing, professional and technical writing, and studies in the English language. By the completion of your degree you'll have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare you for many opportunities within the field of communication, writing and text production.

Communication (Media and Culture)

12.45pm, Mercury Cinema

The Communication (Media and Culture) program provides students with professional and vocational education in the dynamic and rapidly changing field of media, popular culture and communications. Courses in theoretical aspects of cinema, television, radio, print media, advertising, and photography and other everyday life cultures gives students a critical understanding of human communications. This program prepares graduates for employment in a range of communications-related professions and sectors. In the 21st century, the ability to work within a wide range of media, cultural and communication environments is essential in order to enhance employment opportunities, enlarge personal networks and be a culturally-aware citizen of the 'information age'. This program offers opportunities for study flexibility, work placements, and internships, all of which are great options for developing your career further.

Indigenous Cultures, Australian Society & History

1.30pm, BH Building, BH2-16

If you are interested in history and culture, then this degree is for you. Indigenous Cultures and Australian Society allows you to gain an appreciation of the historical, political, social and cultural issues facing Australian communities and institutions. It also provides students with an understanding of the issues central to contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies. You can choose from three majors in this program: Indigenous Knowledges, Australian Studies and Australian History. All majors give you an excellent insight into Australia as a nation, and provide flexible study structures, and the opportunity to develop a wide range of vocationally relevant skills that will prepare you, as a UniSA graduate, for employment in a variety of work environments. You also have the option of studying a Double Degree that combines Aboriginal Studies with - a Bachelor of Social Work - and Aboriginal or Australian Studies with a Bachelor of Education. Want to know more about this fascinating and rewarding career path? Then come along to this information session and find out more!

Careers in Education

1.30pm, BH Building, BH2-09

Teaching is a rewarding and exciting career that will enable you to contribute to the development of society through education. Come along and learn about the whole range of specialisations on offer, including early childhood, primary, middle and secondary education.

Graduate Pathways in Teaching

12.00pm, BH Building, BH2-16

Are you interested in pursuing a career in teaching post an initial degree? If you're enthusiastic about working with children and young people, then come along and learn how you can become a qualified teacher. UniSA offers double degrees in Science/Mathematics/Australian/Aboriginal Studies and a graduate-entry Master of Teaching program that enable you to pursue a career in early childhood, primary, middle and secondary education.

Education - Early Childhood

3.45pm, BH Building, BH2-09

Early Childhood Education plays a critical role in society as it is concerned with the education and care of children at their first stage of learning (during the period from birth to eight years). This Program involves extensive professional experience in early childhood settings and schools and caters for those with and without previous qualifications in early childhood education. Come along and discover what this Program is all about and what exciting prospects it has to offer.

Education - Primary

3.00pm, BH Building, BH2-09

This information session focuses on the Bachelor of Education Program requirements for a career as a Primary teacher. Teachers play a key role in developing one of our nation's greatest resources – its children. The Program will assist you to become an educated, competent beginning teacher through the integration of Professional Experience, Education Studies and Curriculum knowledge about learning and teaching, for learners from five to thirteen years of age.

Education - Primary/Middle

2.15pm, BH Building, BH2-09

The Bachelor of Education (Primary and Middle) prepares pre-service teachers to teach students in the primary and middle years of their schooling. The Program meets an identified need by employer organisations to address the special requirements of pre-adolescent and adolescent students and encourages pre-service teachers to develop expertise in two main learning areas through general studies and also covers curriculum, teaching methodologies and philosophies for both primary and the middle years education.

Education - Secondary Science Teaching

12.45pm, BH Building, BH2-16

This session focuses on the double degree Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education, which provides the appropriate preparation for becoming a secondary science and / or mathematics teacher. It is a balanced, integrated program, enabling students to study in depth two areas of Science / Mathematics and Education throughout the four years.

Education - Secondary Design, Technology and Home Economics

10.30am, BH Building, BH2-16

This program provides graduates with a broad understanding of Secondary Design and Technology education through a range of diverse curriculum studies, including design, home economics, electronics, materials technology, food and nutrition, child study, multi-media, engineering, textiles and futures studies. If you have an interest in teaching design and technology and/or home economics, producing artefacts using a range of materials, and developing in school students a critical awareness of the technologies that they engage with every day, then this teaching program could be of interest to you!

Overview of Division of Education, Arts and Social Science

9.15am, Mercury Cinema

Are you passionate about the arts, communications, education, humanities or social sciences? Learn more about the degrees on offer at the Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences during this information session. Whether you want to be an architect, journalist, teacher, psychologist, public relations practitioner or even a musician – we can help you turn your passion into a profession.

Social Work and Human Services

10.30am, Mercury Cinema

Choose a career that makes a difference. We live in a society in which there is continual change. While many of these changes are exciting, they can also disadvantage many people and groups. Social workers and human service workers work with individuals and families to help them function in our community. They contribute to the development of policy and programs that support the community; and work for a more just society. Social workers and human service workers can be employed in different areas of the community - some examples may include families and children, youth, disability, migrants and refugees, working with older persons, offenders, drug and alcohol addictions, and health related issues. They are employed in government and non-government organisations at local, national and international levels. Come and learn more about how UniSA graduates in social work or human services can make a difference in today's society.


12.45pm, H Building H2-16 Allan Scott Auditorium

Are you interested in understanding human and animal behaviour? Do you possess clear and logical thinking skills? Do you enjoy working with and helping people? Are you a good communicator? If so, then a UniSA psychology program is for you. Not only will you learn about the theories surrounding psychology, but you will also get to design and take part in research studies yourself, develop skills in counselling, and have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in a final year work experience placement. Intrigued? Then come along and find out more about this fascinating, challenging and rewarding field.

Interior Architecture

3.45pm, H Building H2-16 Allan Scott Auditorium

Interior Designers work on range of diverse projects that involve refurbishing existing buildings and working together with architects on new initiatives. Projects may include corporate office fit outs, shop interiors, exhibition projects, hotels, libraries, hospitals and schools. The Bachelor of Interior Architecture produces graduates capable of designing and implementing socially and environmentally sustainable settings. It focuses on the integration of design theory and practice, and is unique in that it offers courses in the expanding fields of furniture design and exhibition design. But this is only the beginning. Come and find out more about what this exciting program has to offer.

Visual Communication Design

1.30pm, H Building H2-16 Allan Scott Auditorium

The work of visual communication designers surrounds us in everyday life - from the design of identity, publications, signage, posters and packaging to motion graphics, animation, websites and branding. The demand for highly creative and skilled graphic designers and illustrators is growing as companies large and small are becoming increasingly aware of the value of good design, and the beneficial effects it has on their identity and performance. Come and hear about the Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) with Majors in either Graphic Design or Illustration Design.

Visual Arts

2.15pm, H Building H2-16 Allan Scott Auditorium

Are you looking to develop skills in new forms of expression? Do you want to expand your perception of art? Be a part of South Australia’s most prestigious undergraduate visual arts degree with specialisations in painting, drawing, computer imaging, photography, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, jewellery, glass and textiles. Hear first-hand information about what's on offer and the exciting professional opportunities that exist in this field.


3.00pm, H Building H2-16 Allan Scott Auditorium

An architect's principal activity is to design and manage the construction of buildings and the spaces around them. UniSA's Bachelor of Architectural Studies is a three-year program which introduces you to the skills and knowledge necessary to begin work in contemporary architectural practice. The program is hands on and incredibly rewarding for students interested in design and architecture, providing the necessary skills and education for entry into the two-year professionally accredited Master of Architecture program. Together, these programs comprise the full five years of architectural education required prior to registration as an architect.

Product Innovation Design

11.15am, Mercury Cinema

Industrial Designers combine knowledge about the visual arts and technology with an understanding of people. They balance creativity with practicality and are concerned with aesthetics, utility, materials and manufacturing techniques and the social significance of the objects they design, whether it be furniture, kitchen appliances, shoes, automotive parts, electronics, tools or toys. The Bachelor of Design (Product Innovation) provides students with a strong foundation in traditional design skills such as sketching and model-making coupled with computer technology and design methods. Our world-class workshop facilities allow students to apply their knowledge in a practical environment, working with a wide range of equipment and materials to produce models, product sculptures and prototypes. Come along and learn more about this exciting and fascinating career path.