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What if I am currently studying the prerequisite unit?

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In some instances you could be studying the prerequisite unit but need to forward enrol for a succeeding unit in the next study period.

If you are undertaking the Bachelor of Accounting and are currently studying the prerequisite unit, The School of Commerce have decided to allow you to enrol in the 'higher' level unit in the next study period.

Please be aware that the final results release date of the prerequisite unit you are studying will be after the week 3 census date of the next study period.  This means that your final grade for the prerequisite unit will not be available until well into the next study period.  To ensure that progress though your program is not interrupted, the School of Commerce will waive the prerequisite requirement for you in this instance.   Accordingly, if you do not pass you will not be required to withdraw from the 'higher' level unit although this would ordinarily be recommended.

Please note:  Although approval is granted to enrol in the 'higher' level unit while still completing the prerequisite unit, it is your responsibility and decision to enrol without successful completion of the prerequisite.  Our experience shows that students that have not passed a prerequisite can be challenged by the difficulty of a succeeding unit.  As an alternative to enrolling in the higher level unit it is advised that you consider enrolling in any other available unit where the prerequisites have already been completed or none are required.

In order to unlock the prerequisite/s and enrol for the succeeding unit in the next study period, email the OUA Student Advisers.  You will need to include the following details in your email: full name, OUA id number or date of birth and unit code/name/study period of the unit in which you are enrolling.

Upon receipt your email request the OUA Student Advisers will advise OUA that you have been granted exemption from the prerequisite.  You will be copied into the email to OUA so that you know that this has been done and can proceed with your enrolment.