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Guidelines for Students on Use of IT Facilities including Email and the Internet

Responsible Officer Chief Information Officer
Last Updated April 2014
Date of Review April 2017
Audience/Application Students
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1.    Terms of Use


These guidelines are issued by the Chief Information Officer under the authority of Council and provide clarification on the practical application of the University's Policy on Acceptable Use of IT Facilities.  These Guidelines do not apply to Postgraduate research degree students who should refer to the Guidelines for Staff.


2.    Student Conduct


2.1    Students should:


2.2    Students should not:


3.    Copyright

Copyright law restricts the copying of software and other material subject to copyright (documents, emails, music, broadcasts, videos etc.) except with the express permission of the copyright owner. (The copyright of an email is owned by the sender, or the sender's employer.)

Refer to the Copyright at UniSA webpage.


4.    Privacy

Privacy is limited in the following ways:

Refer to the Privacy webpage.


5.    Freedom of Information

Email messages created in the course of studying may be official records covered by the State Records Act (1997) and the Freedom of Information Act (1991).  The content of these emails remains the property of the University and may be subject to release in accordance with the FOI Act.

Refer to the Freedom of Information webpage.


6.    Alleged Misuse

Where an alleged misuse has been reported, the Chief Information Officer (or nominee) may:

If an investigation of alleged misuse requires a students use of IT facilities to be examined or monitored they will not necessarily be notified.

Allegations that constitute misconduct or breaches of the law will be referred to the appropriate authority for investigation.  The University will give that authority all reasonable assistance requested, including disclosing:


7.    Monitoring

Routine monitoring of the use of IT facilities is conducted to monitor the costs and acceptable use of University resources will take place.

In normal circumstances, University and third party staff supporting IT services will not monitor the contents of electronic mail messages or other communications or files they access as a result of their work (e.g. auditing operations).  However, the University and third party staff supporting IT services will inspect, copy, store and disclose the contents of email when appropriate to prevent or correct improper use, satisfy a legal obligation, or to ensure proper operation of IT facilities.