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Health safety and injury management


DATE OF APPROVAL: 16 December 1991, C-12/91-59.1

AMENDMENTS: March 1992,
February 2001,
November 2001,
June 2002,
October 2003,
May 2007,
March 2010 (Endorsed by SMG & OHSW&IM Committee),
October 2012 (Endorsed by SMG & OHSW&IM Committee),
July  2015 to reflect change in legislation,
October 2015 (Council 2015/6/8)
October 2016



Policy statement 

The University of South Australia aims to protect the health and safety of all people who work, study, visit our campuses or have the potential to be affected by our activities. Our people are invaluable, therefore maintaining or enhancing their health and safety is a high priority and integral to our core business.

The university is committed to:


 Council, Audit and Risk Management Committee and the Senior Management Group ensure:


Heads of Schools and Directors of Units, Research Institutes and Centres ensure:


Managers, Principal Researchers, Academic and Technical Supervisors ensure:

Employees and Students must follow reasonable instructions and work practices to maintain the health and safety of themselves and others, particularly when conducting experimental or untested activities.

Contractors, visitors and others in university workplaces must take reasonable care of their own health and safety and for that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. They must be aware and comply with applicable university health and safety policies, procedures and practices as advised through induction or other means.


Professional health safety and injury management staff:


Further information

Further information on responsibilities, procedures, guidelines and forms is available on the Safety & Wellbeing Website.