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Security on campus



AMENDMENTS: September 1998 Revised (SMG)

REFERENCE AUTHORITY: University Act, Statutes and By-laws; Chief Operating Officer; Director: Facilities Management Unit; Chair, Security Services Coordinating Committee; Chairs, Campus Advisory Groups



A Report on Campus Security with associated recommendations and an action plan was approved by Council at its November 1991 meeting. 

The Report called for the establishment of a coordinating and 'quality control' Security Services Coordinating Committee together with Campus Advisory Groups on each campus. 



1. The University of South Australia will take all reasonable steps to: 

1.1    provide a safe and secure environment which is appropriate for staff, students and the general public whilst they are on the University's premises. 

1.2    ensure appropriate security of University assets. 


Facilitating structure

2. The University will establish a Security Services Coordinating Committee responsible for: 

2.1    coordination of University-Wide security services 

2.2    quality assurance 

2.3    equitable delivery of campus' security services.

3. Membership of Security Services Coordinating Committee includes: 

4. The University will establish Campus Advisory Groups which will review and recommend to the Security Services Coordinating Committee on such matters as: 

4.1    Organisation and structure including band-width hours of security services on-campus

4.2    duties of staff 

4.3    levels of staffing and appropriate gender representation

4.4    budget 

4.5    staff training and development including appropriate induction on university requirements 

4.6    equipment 

4.7    'local' guidelines 

5. Membership of each Campus Advisory Group includes: 

6. Overall management of the university-wide function is provided by the Director: Facilities Management Unit with day to day management of each campus provided by Campus Facilities Manager. 

7. All staff appointed to perform security duties must be appropriately licensed. 



All reports concerning: 

must be prepared on the appropriate form and directed immediately to the relevant Campus Facilities Manager for action and advice to the Director: Facilities Management Unit.