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Performance management


DATE OF APPROVAL: University Council 20 March 2001

AMENDMENTS: 18 October 2005
July 2005
December 2006
May 2011 (Endorsed by SMG)
8 October 2014 (amendments Director Human Resources)

REFERENCE AUTHORITY: Executive Director: People, Talent and Culture; Senior Management Group

University of South Australia Corporate Plan
Applicable University Industrial Instrument
University of South Australia Occupational Health, Safety, Welfare & Injury Management Policy
University of South Australia Performance Management Guidelines
University of South Australia Study Assistance Guidelines for Professional, Document Services, Grounds and Security Staff
University of South Australia Anti-Discrimination Policies

Discrimination and Harassment Grievance Procedures Staff
Guidelines for the Professional Development of New Indigenous Staff Initiative



Policy statement

The University of South Australia is committed to effective ongoing performance management for all University staff.



Industrial Instrument - refers to the applicable Collective/Enterprise Agreement, Award, Australian Workplace Agreement, contract of employment or legislation.



The University's Performance Management Policy is guided by the following principles:

  1. All managers responsible for conducting performance management shall be appropriately trained and be mindful of unconscious bias, diversity, gender equity and non-discriminatory approaches to performance discussions and decisions
  2. A strong commitment to staff development
  3. Recognition that all parties are committed to quality performance management
  4. Recognition that quality performance management is part of quality management, resulting in enhanced performance
  5. Recognition that development and performance are linked
  6. Performance management implies the provision of adequate developmental opportunities that allow optimum performance
  7. Performance management must consider a staff member's personal goals and career aspirations and seek to integrate them into the overall goals of the University


Responsibilities and/or authorities

3.1 Vice Chancellor

The Vice Chancellor has the responsibility and authority to foster a culture in which performance management is an integral part of support, scholarship, education, research and consultancy within the University.

3.2 Senior Management

Senior Managers have the following responsibilities and/or authority with respect to the staff in their Division/Portfolio to:

3.2.1 Heads of Organisational Areas (School, Division Office, Institute or Unit) and Managers/Supervisors

Heads of Organisational Areas and Managers/Supervisors have the responsibility and/or authority to:

3.3 Staff

All University staff are expected to:


Managing Performance

The University is committed to ensuring optimum performance of all staff, and has policies and guidelines in place that support the reward of high performing staff. Such rewards shall be monetary or non-monetary in value.

Where there is unsatisfactory performance, this shall be managed in accordance with the University's Performance Development and Management Guidelines and the procedures in the applicable industrial instrument, as amended or replaced.



Disputes arising from the application of this Policy may be appealed through the University's Staff Appeals Policy (6.4) or through the disputes mechanisms contained in the applicable industrial instrument, as amended or replaced.



This policy and supporting documentation will be reviewed every two years.



The application of the performance management framework and assessment on the quality of outcomes will be evaluated every two years.


Further information or assistance

Management and staff may seek further advice regarding performance management from: