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Portal Overview

Easy and direct access to all the information you need while working at UniSA:

Key Dates

Your information is displayed in the staff portal under the following pillars or information channels.

Searching for information at myUniSA will provide more accurate responses by selecting one of the topics in the Quick Search Options box:

The light grey bar just below the pillars provides easy access to SMS, Email, FAQs, Feedback, Customise, Site Map and Logoff.

Selecting the email link will take you to MS Outlook without any additional sign on.

You can Customise your view of the portal by selecting the screen view that best suits your desktop. The choices are:

The site map is an alternative method of finding information. It displays the primary portal links in a linear fashion with each pillar (eg my Details, my University) followed by a list of topics and sub-topics.

You will have the option of creating personal links for each of the seven pillars available.  These will be independent links for each pillar, and not related to the links from any other pillar (ie your links on the Home pillar will be a separate entity to the links you have created in the my Details pillar.)


This is your initial entry point into the portal and you are greeted by your first name. This helps to show that this is your own personal access to your information which is stored in the University administrative and financial systems. It highlights and presents current data in an easily accessible format.

myUniSA displays the current time and daily weather forecast, including providing the local forecast if you are in Whyalla or Mount Gambier. A selection of world clocks gives you the opportunity for easy access to view current international times and you can select the locations.

Key Dates show important activities scheduled for each week, for example, corporate planning dates and closing dates for research grant applications.

The home page is the location for your Alerts (reminders), such as:

It is also the location for all Announcements to staff. You can view previous announcements and submit your own announcements to all staff directly from this page. These are prioritised by Chancellery.

A link is already provided for Google searches, but you can add your own favourite links on your Home Page and create groups to store your links in categories that meet your needs.


my Details

Here you can find a consolidation of your Personal Information while working at UniSA, including leave balances and bookings, pay details and training and records of your professional development.

Communications Information includes (where relevant) your mailbox and internet quotas and usage and mobile phone details.

Library Resources lists any books you have on loan or reserved or overdue and has quick links for finding library information.

A link is also provided for you to Edit Staff Homepage.  This is an opportunity for you to ensure your personal information in UniSA's Directory is up-to-date.


my University

This pillar combines a wide range of  resources for management within the University environment.

Governance includes details of the University Council, Boards and Committees with links to meeting agendas and minutes.

Management provides links to the structure and background of the Divisions, Schools and Units and Senior Management of UniSA and associated policies and guidelines and documents which outline the University's corporate plans.

Access to project quality systems, policies, procedures and legal responsibilities can be found in the Project Quality Management section.

Links to Finance systems, forms, policies and handbooks are conveniently located in this section.

The Staff section has links to HR forms, policies, procedures and guidelines and information on workforce planning, performance management, induction and OHS&W. It also has links to relevant computing systems, eg Cognos Reporting and mobile phone billing.

The Student section provides direct access to computing systems for student data and also support for a large range of operational topics, eg academic advisement, examinations, graduation.

Under the International section, you can find references about teaching international students, transnational teaching programs and studying overseas.

Management Reports provides direct links to reporting functions for student, staff, finance, general and programs and courses, eg UniSAinfo reporting, DEST reporting, workforce planning.

my University also includes a facility for easily locating a person, position, student, program or course.


my Teaching

Academics will find this pillar very useful with direct links to Courses and Programs. It consolidates all your teaching materials into one location. Program Directors, Course Coordinators and Class Instructors can search for programs and/or courses and choose ones to set as favourites to appear under Favourites each time they enter the portal. The ability to edit course or program web sites will be available for staff who have the relevant authority.

Course and Program messages can be viewed. Staff with the appropriate security will also be able to access student details.

Resources includes course materials, policies and procedures, links to a variety of support areas, easy access to the library and other key contacts.

A link is provided to easily Find a student and accessing Academic Key Dates.


my Research

This area of the portal is available to members of the Research and Innovation portfolio.

My Research Activity outlines a staff member's projects, publications and approval status.

RQF lists research publications by year and category with RQF guidelines and timelines.

My Supervision links to the Staff Research Portal.

Research Opportunities outlines grants and funding opportunities, prizes and awards and available workshops.

Resources links to a large selection of support information, Library resources, relevant contact sources, forms and the Directory of Research Expertise.


my Employment

This pillar consolidates your key conditions of employment.

Induction and development covers induction policies and processes and a range of training and development opportunities for the varied staff categories at UniSA.

Employment conditions covers performance management and procedures for promotion and reclassification and are grouped under Collective Agreements and Australian Workplace Agreements. clarify??

OHSW includes policies and procedures, access to relevant forms and reports and outlines the responsibilities for employees.


my Services

This pillar includes a collection of links to services that all University staff will require from time to time.

Campus Services covers a range of helpful links, eg:

Computing Services include HelpDesk links and directions to getting connected online to UniSA services.

Dates for University-wide events, study periods, Research programs and corporate activities can be located easily.

University publications, advertising, web authoring, media relations and student recruitment are included in the Marketing and PR section.

Printing includes services and information on graphic design, corporate stationery and photocopying and access to relevant forms.

All the information you need on travel, local and overseas, is included in the Travel section.