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myUniSA Home

The myUniSA Home page is the first page that appears after you login. It contains important student announcements, a summary of your courses and assignments and links to useful webpages.

Click on any of the highlighted areas of the image below to learn about that section or simply scroll down to read more.Screenshot of the myUniSA home page with key sections highlighted

If the area you want to learn about is not highlighted, try the Help page. Or if you cannot see any of these highlighted areas on your student portal please click on the Reset Page link in the footer.


Quick Links appear at the top of every page in myUniSA.

Tip: Use the Quick Links to go straight to key  services.

  • Ask IT - links to the search facility for frequently asked questions about IT, including passwords, email, internet and computers and more
  • Campus Central - links to frequently asked questions from Campus Central about all aspects of student administration, from enrolment to graduation
  • Student Support - links to resources and services provided by the Student Engagement Unit, including learning advice, counselling services, careers and employment advice, and specialised services
  • Library - links to the Library website where you can find information on any topic from the Library's online and print and database collections
  • Career Services - links to a range of services and resources aimed at maximising graduates' employability, including guidance on career planning, job-seeking, and preparing for the workforce
  • Student Association - links to UniSA's democratic organisation run by students to provide voice for student opinions and to develop leadership skills, advice with academic issues, and play via events, sporting, social and academic clubs
  • Student Life - links to the Experience Plus website where you will find out how to take advantage of the many opportunities available at the University - whether you want to boost your employability or have fun in a social environment


2 Search function

The search function appears in the top right hand corner on every page of myUniSA

Tip: search the UniSA website from myUniSA

Use the search function to search any of the following sources:

  • UniSA website
  • Staff Directory
  • Library
  • Summon
  • UniSAnet
  • Ask IT
  • Ask Campus Central
  • Google
  • Google Scholar



my Course Experience is where you will be notified on course and teacher evaluations. Check here regularly during and after completing courses.



Quick Linksmy Links allows you to store a list of your favourite websites on the homepage of myUniSA. Add links to any websites you use regularly for your studies.

Tip: Update your my Links at the beginning of every study period. Think about including links to your Course Coordinators home pages and course-related library databases

See the Help page for instructions on how to add, edit and delete my Links.



Announcements are added to myUniSA on a regular basis and contain important messages relating to study, opportunities and events.Announcements

Tip: read myUniSA announcements to stay informed.

The first day an announcement appears, it will display in the Current tab. The next day it will move to the Previous tab and stay there for around two weeks. When an announcement no longer appears in either tab, you can still find it using the Search Announcements function.



Assessments due two weeks before or after the current date will display in the Latest Assessment Items section.

Latest AssignmentsTip: access assignment coversheets from the Latest Assessment Items section

As well as seeing your recent and upcoming assignments, you can link directly to learnonline Assessments to upload your assignments and check the status of previously submitted assignments.



my MessagesMessages are sent by course coordinators and program directors to the students enrolled in a particular course or program. 

Tip: pay attention to messages, they will appear on the homepage and on the course details page.

The my Messages box will only appear if you have a current message.



Portal LinksPortal Links allows you to add links to a range of UniSA sites and applications from a list of options.

Tip: add all of the sites and applications you will use. In particular, you might like to add links to your school or division websites.

See the Help page for instructions on how to add, edit or delete Portal Links.



my Courses displays all of the courses you are currently enrolled in.

my Courses

Tip: get to know the course details pages - this is where you can access your enrolment details, discussions and exam timetables - plus lots of other course related information.

If the course has a learnonline website, the course name will be displayed as link to take you directly to the learnonline course website.

Selecting the information symbol course title link will display the course details page which allows you to:

  • Access your course home page and course coordinator staff home page
  • View your class enrolments
  • Access your course resources
  • Access your course discussions
  • View postal assignments, exam timetables, and dispatched course materials

The information available to you will vary depending on what type of student you are and how you are studying. 


  Essential Links provides shortcuts to information and resources about the University of South Australia.


My Suggestions gives you direct access to the Vice Chancellor’s suggestion box. If you feel that an idea will make your time at the University better, send it through as a suggestion to the Vice Chancellor.


My Feedback takes you to the homepage for We're Listening. Here is where you can participate in university surveys and provide feedback through student evaluations.


Program Website hold links to your active program. These links will take you further information on your program.


AlertsAlerts are reminders that appear on your homepage to let you know you need to pay an invoice, top up print or internet quotas, or return library items.

Tip: keep an eye out for new Alerts to stay on top of quotas, invoices and email limits.

Alerts will display when the following events occur:

  • Internet and printer balances low (time to top up quotas)
  • Email balance close to limit and limit reached
  • Current IT help desk items registered and help desk call resolved
  • New invoice available, account balances due, and overdue balance requires payment
  • Library loans overdue, library pick ups, and library fines

For more information or assistance using myUniSA Home, please see the Help site.