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my Resources details your usage of University resources such as internet, printer, library and the IT help desk. It also allows you to change your password, top up your resource allowances, and more.

Click on any of the highlighted areas of the image below to learn about that section or simply scroll down to read more.

my Resources page with key sections highlighted


Get a quick overview of your printing and internet allowance balances, and any current library activity, from the Summary sections. For further details, scroll down the my Resources page to the relevant sections below.

Resource Summary and Library Summary


2 Related Information section

Change your password, setup a password reset account, redirect your UniSA emails to an email account you check regularly, and find out find out where a computer is available on campus at any given moment.

Tip: set up your password reset account to make it easier to reset your UniSA password if you ever forget it.



Library Information sectionAccess library resources from the Library Information section.



  You can increase your internet balance by using the Topup my Internet allowance link.



  You can increase your printing balance by using the Topup my printer allowance link.



  If you have any difficulties relating to computers, internet, passwords, email, telephones or other  IT matters, you can get help from the IT Help Desk.

You can easily request service from the my Resources page by using the Log an IT Helpdesk Service Call link.


For more information or assistance using my Resources, please see the Help site.