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    Search the UniSA website from myUniSA

    A range of university databases and other study-related sites can be searched from every page in myUniSA.
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    Use the Quick Links to go straight to key UniSA services

    Quick Links appear at the top of every page in myUniSA and allow quick access to a range of University services.
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    Update your my Links at the beginning of every study period

    Consider adding links to your Course Coordinator home pages, course-related library databases, and any other websites or webpages you will use regularly.
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    Add all of the sites and applications you will use from the Portal Links list

    In particular, you might like to add links to your school or division websites.
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    Read myUniSA announcements to stay informed

    Announcements are added to myUniSA on a regular basis and contain important messages relating to study, opportunities and events.
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    Access assignment coversheets from the Latest Assignments section

    The Latest Assignments section displays assignments due two weeks before or after the current date. You can submit your assignments and access assignment coversheets from this section.
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    Get to know the course details pages

    This is where you can access your enrolment details, discussions and exam timetables - plus lots of other course related information
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    Keep an eye out for new alerts on the homepage

    Alerts help you to stay on top of quotas, invoices and email limits
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    Pay attention to messages, they will appear on the homepage and on the course details page

    Messages are sent by course coordinators and program directors to the students enrolled in a particular course or program. 
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    Check your student email at least 3 times a week

    Email is an official University communication channel, so checking your message regularly is important.
    >> View the my Email page for details

    Set up your password reset account

    Set up a password reset account to make it easier to reset your UniSA password if you ever forget it.
    >> View the my Resources page for details

    Use the view/hide GPA feature to keep your GPA private

    my Academic Record displays the details from all of your studies at UniSA, including the Grade Point Average (GPA) for each program started.
    >> View the my Academic Record page for details

    Download your latest invoice to keep on top of outstanding fees

    my Finances includes your current account balances, fee paying status, invoices and payment options.
    >> View the my Finances page for details

    Update your personal details from the my Personal Details page

    my Personal Details includes your UniLife and SMS Notification preferences as well as your name, address and emergency contacts.
    >> View my Personal Details page for details

    Make my Services the first place you look for study-related University services

    my Services provides access to a wide range of information and services to support your studies and life as a student.
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