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Marketing Shells

These shells are available for order by authorised UniSA staff.

  • They can be overprinted with text to be supplied by you when the order is placed.
  • They can be printed as "Single Sided" or "Double Sided" A4 size documents
  • The text you supply will be professionally typeset at Document Services to fit the marketing shell. (Please note: if you require "blank" marketing shells, you may enter the word "BLANK" in the appropriate place on the order form.)
  • A proof copy of the "Print Ready" marketing shell will be supplied by email to the person nominated on the order.
  • Upon receipt of an email acceptance of the proof, the required Marketing Shells will be printed and despatched to the UniSA delivery address nominated on the order.
  • All charges relating to the supply, typesetting and printing of Marketing Shells will be debited o the Cost Centre code provided with the order.
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