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Design and Print

Need some assistance regarding general layout techniques, design theory or technical explanations?
This area provides mini tutorials, concise definitions and general information, all aimed to help you better prepare creative and print projects. 

Graphic design is a creative and technical mix, requiring solid knowledge of both areas to create and produce quality projects. The emergence of ‘desktop publishing’ during the 1980’s has forever altered the way design is constructed and as with many electronic advancements, has also brought with it a new assortment of uniquely digital problem areas. 

A lot of technical proficiency is now required to effectively produce finished art from the various software programs needed to create electronic files. This is now additional to the knowledge of a design professional, who provides skills ranging from complete project planning and direction, to specific layout and creative solutions. Add to this the specialist knowledge required for successful printing (via either digital or offset processes) and print finishing (folding, cutting, binding) and the range of skills and expertise required becomes very broad.

Creating polished design and print that works effectively for individual projects is not an easy task and can require a substantial time investment. Correct planning and an understanding of general design and print rules may help you to create and provide projects that accurately hit your intended target!

Select from the following help guides covering all areas of design and print: