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Visit from Madras Christian College Students

Earlier this year we had 3 students visit from Madras Christian College in India, below are their testimonials and thoughts on their experiences during their stay. 

John  Jesubakthan

I am John Jesubakthan, a Social Work Student from Madras Christian College, Chennai, India. I was one among 3 students selected to pursue my field placement in Social Work through UniSA for the period February to July 2008. I would like to share my experience in Australia.

I really had a magnificent quality learning time in Australia. I would say that I found out the right place to pursue my placement with the help of the Social Work Field Education Team. I can say that I have learnt lot of valuable and quality things from my placement and tutorials. The team at the Southern Cross Care were very polite and provided me with lot of learning opportunities. I worked in the area of Palliative counselling, Pastoral Care and group facilitation for the elderly at the Philip Kennedy Centre, Largs Bay. I have not only gained broader perspective in the field of Social Work but also in the other various walks of life. This experience in Australia has built my confidence in a more enhanced manner.

My host was really good to me and I learnt lot of new things about Australia. I can also say that I developed lot of new skills like, cooking, cleaning, maintaining my home, doing my part time work and involving in Church activities. I feel great that I learnt and developed these new skills.

This experience has given me more insights personally, professionally and spiritually and I wanted to thank my Social Work Department, Madras Christian College and UniSA Social Work and Social Policy for providing me with such a life changing opportunity. I whole heartedly thank UniSA for providing the financial support which made it possible for me to pursue my Field Education in Australia. On the whole it has been an awesome experience and I can take back some of my learning's to India and share it to the people at large.

Abdul Khader

My time in Adelaide with UniSA has been really fantastic. I enjoyed the opportunities to visit and work with a wide range of organisations while I was doing my placement. My field of interest is human rights and community development. I was able to visit a wide range of organisations working in these fields. I have learnt so much about the way social work organisations work in Australia as well as learning about Australian culture. I am sure that I will go back to India and do a much better job with the skills I have learnt in Australia.

It was great to get to know about another country and culture. It was also good to live, work and worship within a different culture. It has been a great privilege to study with UniSA. The staff members have been helpful and supportive and my experience with my host family was very positive.

Renuka Veeramani

It was a fantastic experience for me to do my six months field placement here in Adelaide. I did my placement at United Care Wesley Youth and Parent Services in Pitt Street. It was an awesome experience for me both professionally and personally. I had a passion to work with children's who had conflict with their parents and relatives and that came true through my internship with UniSA.

I like the way everything is so organised here, culture, food, respect for women, my host family. It was a very good learning for me during the tutorials and the one week intensive, interaction with the other students was great. I want to thank everyone in UniSA who supported and helped me in different ways. It was a lovely experience for me in my life and I won't forget it in my life.