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Honours in Psychology

Honours in Psychology is an important and rewarding year in a student's psychology training. The Honours year provides a more advanced qualification in psychology and is a prerequisite for further training or postgraduate study in psychology. Honours graduates are eligible to apply for the PhD in Psychology or a Master of Psychology program.

On completion of Honours in Psychology graduates are eligible for Associate Membership of the Australian Psychological Society.

Students whose aim is to practise as registered psychologists may, after successful completion of their Honours program, apply to undertake a 2 year Master of Psychology program to qualify for full membership of the Australian Psychological Society, and registration as a psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.

At the University of South Australia, the Honours year is the final (4th) year of the 4 year program called the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). Students may apply for entry to the 4 year program as first year undergraduates, alternatively we invite applications for entry to the 4th year (Honours year) also.

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) MHPU 4 year program

Applications to the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) program (from year 1) are processed through SATAC. This highly regarded program had an ATAR of 96.10 for entry in 2013.

The first three years of the program are identical in content as the UniSA 3 year program, Bachelor of Psychological Science MBPU.

To progress to the 4th year Honours stream, MHPU students must meet the progression criteria which is assessed in December each year.

The progression criteria includes successful completion of the first 3 years of the program, an achieved minimum GPA of at least 5.5 in the accredited level 2 and level 3 psychology courses, plus the course Introductory Research Methods, and maintain an overall program GPA of 5.0. This criteria applies to students who commenced MHPU from 2012. Students who commenced in the program prior to 2012 will be assessed under the previous progression criteria being a GPA of at least 5.0 in the accredited level 2 and level 3 psychology courses, plus the course Introductory Research Methods, and maintain an overall program GPA of 5.0.

Students who do not achieve the progression requirements will, on satisfactory completion of the third year, exit the program and graduate with the Bachelor of Psychological Science and pursue a range of graduate options for further study or seek employment.

Applying for Honours in Psychology (4th year)

Each year the University invites applications for the 4th year Honours programs. Applications are accepted via the UniSA Apply Online website from eligible students who have completed an APAC accredited sequence in psychology. Applicants are selected on the basis of academic merit and ranked according to their GPA in the second and third year psychology courses of their undergraduate psychology program, including Introductory Research Methods. To be eligible to apply students must have the minimum GPa of 5.5 in these courses plus an overall program GPA on at least 5.0. Entry to the Honours year is highly competitive and very limited places are available. The minimum GPA for entry consideration varies each year, however in 2013 the cut-off was 6.8.

An information session is held at Magill campus in August and will be advertised on this webpage when further details are available. The Apply Online website opens for applications in early September and usually closes around 30th November each year. Successful applicants are notified mid-late December.

Undergraduate Psychology courses used to calculate Honours GPA

When considering a student's application or eligibility for Honours, a special Honours Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated. For UniSA students, their grades in the following UniSA courses will be included in this Honours GPA.  The following list of ten (10) courses are factored into the calculations of the Honours GPA and apply in 2015 for entry to Honours in 2016.

Introductory Research Methods
Social and Community Psychology
Biological and Learning Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Clinical and Abnormal Psychology
Advanced Research Methods
Psychological Assessment
Personality Psychology
2 x Specialist Psychology courses (the two best grades will be included)

Internal transfer for UniSA's psychological science students

UniSA psychology students may apply for internal transfer to the 3 year program Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) (MHPU) only on completion of the second year psychology courses of their current undergraduate psychology program.

Applications are considered at the next intake into the MHPU program (currently only at the commencement of each year), and only if there are available places. Entry is based upon the applicant's GPA in their current psychological science program at UniSA, specifically the sequence of courses identified above.

Past Honours Research Projects

Honours students complete a Research Project which amounts to half of the workload for the award (18 units). The project involves conducting empirical research and reporting the results in a literature review and research report, under the guidance of a supervisor. Copies of past Honours research projects may be requested from the School.

APS Honours prize

Australian Psychological Society Honours prize

2014 - Jessica Tigani
2013 - Daniel Feuerriegel
2012 - Laura McLaughlin Engfors.

Further study

Honours graduates may wish to consider the following programs to continue their studies in Psychology.


Honours Program Director: Professor Maureen Dollard

Honours specific queries can also be directed to the School's Academic Services Team (teaching) at psw@unisa.edu.au