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Research Centres

Our School hosts two Research Centres:

Centre for Sleep Research

An internationally recognised research group, the Sleep Centre is considered a world leader in the field of sleep research. Funded by UniSA as well as government and industry support, the Centre is focused on extending understanding and perception of human performance, sleep and behaviour. The Sleep Centre is the largest dedicated sleep research facility in Australia and features a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory. The Centre has a broad research focus, with projects being split between basic, applied and clinical projects.

The Centre for Applied Psychology Research (CAPR)

The centre aims to conduct high quality psychological research designed to elucidate and promote well-being, quality of life and effective functioning in individuals and organisations in the community. They are also involved in looking at strategies to deal effectively with social and psychological problems arising at both an individual and a systemic level. They conduct research that will be of value, for example in dealing with stress, distress, life changes, anger and a range of problem behaviours.

Centre Director: Professor Maureen Dollard

Research Groups

Our academics are also involved in the following research Groups:

Social Policy Research Group


This group focuses on issues of social justice and social policy, the impact of economic and welfare reform on disadvantaged groups in the community, inequality and social exclusion.


Research areas of this group include:


Centre for Peace and Security


This Group studies all types of conflict and promotes conflict transformation, mediation, dispute resolution and peace building.


Research areas in this group include:


Research Centre for Gender Studies


The research centre fosters excellence and creativity in research and postgraduate training on gender by bringing together the research interests and teaching expertise of university members across nine disciplines.


Research areas in this group include: