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Reports - 2007

  • Curnow, T.J., Liddicoat, A.J. & Scarino, A. (2007). Situational analysis for the Development of Nationally Co-ordinated Promotion of the Benefits of Languages Learning in Schools project (Report for the Asia Education Foundation). Adelaide: Research Centre for Languages and Cultures Education, University of South Australia.

  • Heugh, K. & Alidou, H. (2007). Towards effective literacy teaching and learning in African education: A research and development proposal. In Making a difference: Effective practices in literacy in Africa. Hamburg: UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning. http://www.unesco.org/uil/en/UILPDF/nesico/bamako0907/Best%20_Practice%20_publication-English.pdf

  • Heugh, K., Benson, C., Bogale, B. & Gebre Yohannis, M.A. (2007). Final report: Study on medium of instruction in primary schools in Ethiopia (Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Ethiopia, in conjunction with Pooled Donor Consortium including DflD, Irish Aid, Royal Netherlands Embassy, and Finida).

  • Heugh, K., Diedericks, G.A.M., Prinsloo, C.H. & Herbst, D.L. (2007). Assessment of the language and mathematics skills of grade 8 learners in the Western Cape in 2006 (Commissioned by the Western Cape Education Department, South Africa). Pretoria: Human Sciences Research Council.

  • Scarino, A. (2007). The development of assessment processes to determine the quality of student learning: possible options (Paper commissioned by the MCEETYA Languages Education Working Party).

  • Scarino, A. & Crichton, J. (2007). SACE for Future Education and Employment (SAFE) Futures program at Marden Senior College - An independent review (Report to Marden Senior College and Department of Education and Children's Services).

  • Scarino, A. & Curtis, D. (2007). Capabilities: A way forward (Report to the Future SACE Office, Minister for Education, South Australia).