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Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFS)

Research Performance Monitoring section is the first point of contact for requesting Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFS) from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

What are CURFS?

  • CURFs contain data from ABS surveys in the form of unit records.
  • CURFs contain the most detailed statistical information available from the ABS and are for researchers and analysts who wish to run their own statistical queries on the data using software packages such as SAS or SPSS.
  • CURFs have been confidentialised by removing name and address information, by controlling the amount of detail and by changing a small number of values.
  • The ABS provides three different ways to access CURFs - CD ROM, the Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL) and the ABS Site Data Laboratory (ABSDL).
  • The ABS provides three different levels of CURF data - Basic, Expanded and Specialist.

To apply for a CURF

Forms are available on the CURF application and undertaking forms webpage:

  1. Visit the ABS website to view the list of available CURFS
  2. Read the Responsible access to ABS CURFS training manual and MICRO the user guide
  3. Apply to access a CURF if you have not registered previously please complete the online registration form
  4. Research and Innovation Services will verify your application

Once your application is received in Research and Innovation Services we will forward your application to the ABS.