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2002 Supported Researchers

Supported researcher list (all years)

Division of Business & Enterprise

School of Accounting and Information Systems Prof M Smith
Dr G Lehman
Dr M Metcalfe
A/Prof M Heng
Mr D Banks
Prof T Wood-Harper
Ms A Monday
International Graduate School of Management A/Prof M Patrickson
Dr B Elsey
Dr B Gurd
School of International Business Prof J McKay
A/Prof R Sharp
Dr C Provis
A/Prof R Sarre
Prof M Lewis
Mr J Juniper
A/Prof M Shanahan
Dr H Bjornlund
Dr J Pisaniello
Ms V Kupke
Mr S Barrett
Mr W Marano
Mr G Treuren
Mr C Martin
Dr H Harris
School of Marketing A/Prof B Sharp
Dr R Kennedy
Prof L Lockshin
Dr C Rungie
Dr J Romaniuk
Dr J Dawes
Mr T Spawton
Ms R A Sharp
Ms R Holloway
Dr N Page




Division of Education, Arts & Social Sciences

Division Office A/Prof Ed Carson
Unaipon School Mr W Edwards
School of International Studies A/Prof A Scarino
Mr A Scrimgeour
Dr V Tudini
Mr G Chiro
Louis Laybourne-Smith School of Architecture Prof D Langmead
Mr R Coker
Dr R Crocker
Dr C Garnaut
South Australian School of Art Prof I North
Ms M Atkinson
Ms C Belfrage
Prof K Lawrence
Ms O Sankey
Mr J Barbour
Ms G Bisetto
School of Communication & Information Studies Prof A Mackinnon
Dr S Franzway
Ms P Roberts
A/Prof M Nimon
A/Prof P Bishop
de Lissa Institute of Early Childhood and Family Studies Prof W Schiller
Prof P Gammage
A/Prof S Hill
Prof M Ebbeck
Ms V Aloa
Prof F Briggs
Ms J McDowall
School of Education (Magill Campus) Mr B White
Ms R Sandstrom
Ms L Tonkin
Mr D Badenoch
School of Education (Underdale) A/Prof R Harris
A/Prof B Comber
A/Prof A Reid
Prof J Kenway
Ms M Simons
Dr S Shore
Mr S Keirl
Mr P Cormack
A/Prof J Gill
A/Prof P Thomson
Dr B Johnson
Ms P Grant
Dr S Howard
Mr R Smith
A/Prof A Strickland
Dr P Willis
Ms R Trenerry
A/Prof J Burton
Dr E Bullen
Dr H Nixon
School of Psychology Prof A Winefield
A/Prof M Dollard
Dr K Lushington
Prof K Howells
Dr P Whetham
A/Prof J Metzer
Dr P Mohr
Centre for Applied Behavioural Science (Sleep Research) Prof D Dawson
Dr A Baker
School of Social Work and Social Policy Dr L Bryant
Ms D Tedmanson
Ms D Chung
Ms H Cameron
Ms R Kennedy
Ms D Bagshaw
A/Prof A Jamrozik
Dr W Seymour
Ms S Diamandi
A/Prof K Rigby




Division of Health Sciences

Division Office Prof D Wilkinson
School of Medical Radiation Dr S Scutter
Ms W Barber
School of Occupational Therapy A/Prof E May
Ms A Berndt
School of Physical Education, Exercise and Sport Studies Prof K Norton
Dr T Olds
Dr J Buckley
Mr J Dollman
Mr G Dodd
Dr M Drummond
School of Physiotherapy A/Prof K Grimmer
Mr S Milanese
A/Prof P Trott
Mr M Jones
School of Nursing and Midwifery Prof J Cheek
Dr K Price
Prof P Darbyshire
Ms A Ballantyne
Dr J Jones
Dr N Proster
Ms M HeaRTField
Ms T Gibson
Dr C Bradley
A/Prof A Summers
Mr T Laws
School of Pharmaceutical, Molecular and Biomedical Sciences A/Prof A Evans
A/Prof A Gilbert
Dr R McKinnon
A/Prof P Pendleton
Prof M Barton
Dr B Roberts
A/Prof D Mulcahy
Dr P Hayball
A/Prof A Woods
Prof A Bretag
A/Prof B Hughes
Dr E Roughead
Dr M Kokkinn
A/Prof I Stupans
Dr R Milne
Mr F Peddie
Dr R Harris
South Australian Centre for Rural and Remote Health Mr J Fuller




Division of Information Technology, Engineering & The Environment

Advanced Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Prof G Lin
Dr J Desbiolles
A/Prof J Fielke
A/Prof W Saman
Mr S Sharma
A/Prof K Abhary
Dr S Nagalingam
Mr M Slattery
Mr A Lambrinos
Mr H Wahyudi
School of Computer and Information Science Dr B Thomas
A/Prof J Warren
Prof M Schrefl
Dr J Slay
Dr D Corbett
Prof M Stumptner
Dr C Steketee

School of Environmental and Recreation Management

A/Prof G Howat
Mr G Crilley
Mr S Edgecombe
Ms S Mikilewicz
Dr F Tiver
Ms J Gibbs

School of Geoinformatics, Planning and Building

Prof M Taylor
Prof S Hamnett
Mr R Zito
Mr D Bruce
Dr J Woolley
Dr A Allan
Prof J Gilliland
Dr W Yue

Geoscience, Minerals and Civil Engineering

Mr D Pezzaniti
Mr D Cameron
Prof S Priest
A/Prof J Jago
A/Prof J Argue
Dr Y Zhuge

School of Mathematics

Prof J Filar
Prof P Howlett
A/Prof V Gaitsgory
Dr J Boland
Dr Y Kaya
Dr D Panton

Electrical and Information Engineering

Prof S Cook
Mr D Harris
Prof J Billington
A/Prof L Jain
Prof J Thomas
Dr D Cropley
Prof P Sydenham
A/Prof J Kasser
Dr N Sproles
Dr O Gol
Prof A Nafalski
Dr L Kristensen
Dr T Ferris
Mr J Pattison
Dr K Dogancay
Dr S Aziz




Institute for Telecommunications Research

Dr A Barbulescu
Prof W Cowley
Dr A Grant
Prof H Green
Prof M Miller
Mr C Burnet

Dr A Dadej
Mr T Mahoney
Dr S Perreau
Mr M Tykesson
Mr C Burnet
Mr M Ho




Ian Wark Research Institute

Prof J Ralston
Dr S Grano
Dr P Attard
Prof R Smart
A/Prof D Fornasiero
Dr A Gerson
Dr B Skinner
Dr N Choudhury
Dr C Prestidge
Prof R Horn
Dr N Dutta

Dr L Britcher
Dr J Addai-Mensah
Dr T Wilks
Dr G Morris
Dr M C Barnes
Dr M Zbik
Dr S Kumar
Mr M Jasieniak
Dr T Georgiev
Dr D Beattie




Whyalla Campus

Dr B Cheers
Ms J Farrin



Flexible Learning Centre

Mr I Reid
A/Prof B King
Ms B Leask