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Institutional Biosafety Committee

Position Member


Assoc Prof John Hayball
Associate Head: Academic
Health Sciences Divisional Office

Molecular Microbiologist

Dr Rietie Venter
Molecular Microbiologist
Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Molecular Microbiologist

Dr Hugo Albrecht
Senior Lecturer
School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

Gene Technologist and Microbiologist

Dr Barbara Drigo
Research Fellow
Future Industries Institute

External Member

Mr Michael Summerford
IBT Innovations


Mr Ian Furness
Senior Consultant OHSW
Human Resources


Ms Christina Coleiro
Senior Project Manager
Facilities Management Unit

Animal Ethics Committee Liaison

Ms Jess Parken
Animal Ethics Committee Member

Executive Officer

Ms Liz Collins
Ethics and Biosafety Officer
Research and Innovation Services


Refer to: University policy RES 4 for terms of reference.