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Managing Australian Research Council (ARC) projects

Your grant application has been successful!

Your first action will be to accept your grant offer by emailing:

Administration of your ARC project will be managed in the following manner:

Steps in ARC project management

1. Establishment of a cost centre

A cost centre will be established  and funds transferred into a cost centre for your project by Income Generation and Application Support Services once all clearances are received (see 2 and 3 below).

2. Ethics and compliance approval

As Chief Investigator, it is your responsibility to ensure that no research that requires ethics and/or other clearances is commenced until such clearances are obtained. Details regarding ethics and clearances approval processes

Please also be advised that the Research Capacity and Compliance section will track your approvals, and will ensure that funds are released into your cost centre once clearances are confirmed by the relevant ethics and compliance committee(s).

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Universities Australia and the Australian Research Council have endorsed:

  1. the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2007) and
  2. NHMRC's National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) (where applicable).

The purpose of these documents is to guide institutions and researchers in responsible research practice. All researchers on ARC grants are required to comply with the Australian Code and National Statement as this will be a prerequisite for receipt of ARC and NHMRC funding.

3. Legal compliance - Multi-Institutional Agreement and Intellectual Property Agreement (ARC Linkage Projects only)

Projects involving named investigators from other institutions cannot commence until UniSA and each collaborating institution have entered into a written agreement which addresses the role of each institution on the project and any funds to be transferred (refer to Section 10 of the Funding Agreement).

Research and Innovation Services will arrange a draft agreement to be sent to all collaborating institutions for signature, regardless of whether funds are being transferred. A UniSA Solicitor will provide you and your business development manager (BDM) with a template agreement. Your BDM will liaise with the UniSA Solicitor on changes to the agreement in collaboration with you. Please note that funds will not be transferred into your cost centre until this agreement has been fully executed.

4. Commencement dates

All new ARC projects must commence by the date stipulated in the funding agreement. Permission can be sought for deferment of commencement (please refer to funding agreement). Requests must be made via RIS. In accordance with the ARC Funding Agreement, any project that has not commenced on time will be terminated and funds will be recovered.

5. Reporting requirements

ARC reporting requirements
End of Year (EOY) reporting information for ARC projects (RTF file)

Progress report

A progress report is due to the ARC via Research and Innovation Services on 31 January annually (except in the first year of funding). You will be issued with an email reminder 4 weeks prior to this due date. It is essential that progress reports are submitted to the ARC on time.

Final report

A final report will be due 6 months after the completion of the project (normally this is 30 June unless other variations have been approved by the ARC). Final reports are completed online via the ARC Grants Management System (GAMS) or the Research Management System (RMS) (for post 2009 projects).

End of year report (EOY)

Each December you will be required to complete an EOY report template. The purpose of this template is to advise RIS of any carry forward requests. However, if your are seeking a carry forward request of 75% or more of the yearly award, separate written notification must also be submitted to RIS.

6. Research scholarships

If you wish to use part of your Discovery Project (as detailed in the original project application) to fund a postgraduate research scholarship, please refer to Start your research on our research. A Research Degrees Assistant will contact the first named CI to make necessary arrangements.

7. Research fellowships

Where a Fellow is named on a Discovery-Project (for example APD, ARF/QE11 or APF), procedures are in place to establish employment contracts for new Fellows - please refer to Guidelines on communication during the appointment of NHMRC and ARC Fellows (PDF file, 28kb).

Please also note that Fellows may be entitled to reimbursement of some relocation costs - remember to keep receipts of airfare and relocation expenses and contact a Capacity and Compliance Officer if you require more assistance.

8. Intellectual Property

Please refer to Intellectual Property (Legal Services) for further details on intellectual property notification, protection or management.