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Precedent contracts

Precedent contracts are provided by the Solicitors to facilitate the most common legal relations entered into by the University. There is no one precedent document for every situation.  It is therefore important that you consider and use the appropriate precedent/legal documentation for the situation. Your Business Development Manager will be able to assist you.

If the precedent contains a description of its use, you may use it in accordance with the instructions without further review by the Solicitors.

Consult a Solicitor if:

  • the precedent is marked 'Please consult a Solicitor'
  • you are uncertain about the use of a precedent
  • a precedent does not cover your situation.

Please note: all contracts must be signed in accordance with the Vice-Chancellor's Authorisations (staff access only).

Provision of University services to a client

Research projects

These are projects which may generate valuable intellectual property. You must discuss any such potential intellectual property with your Business Development Manager or ITEK Pty Ltd prior to entering into the agreement.

Confidentiality agreements

Confidential Disclosure Agreements are used where a party wishes to disclose information but wishes the recipient party to keep that information confidential.  Note that obligations of confidence may arise even where a written contract is not established.  However for certainty and documentary purposes it is best to have a written agreement in place.

Student related agreements

Intellectual Property

Higher degree by research (HDR) students

Other UniSA students

Other agreements

Visitor agreements

Engaging contractors

The University contracts external service providers to provide services to it.  If the service provider is an individual rather than a corporation, then consideration must be given as to whether the service provider is a contractor or employee - please see the independent contractor checklist embedded in the Contractor Services Agreement document below.

Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandums of Understanding are generally used as a statement of intent to facilitate legal relations between the University and third parties.  Memorandums of Understanding may be legally binding or non-legally binding.  In each instance the advice of the Solicitors should be sought. An example of a non-legally binding Memorandum of Understanding is provided below.