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Vary or transfer an ARC grant

Why vary an ARC grant?

Variations may occur when a funded grant requires modification from the original project budget agreed by the ARC. For example, personnel may withdraw or you may experience delays which prevent timely completion of project milestones or the expenditure of funds within the award period. Any variation requests must be sent in writing to Contract Execution and Grant Management .

Where an amendment to an agreement is required - such as one of the CIs from a collaborating institution has moved to another university - an emailed request from the lead CI to Research Capacity and Compliance is required. The request must outline the circumstances which led to the change and any recommendations. A member of the Contract Execution and Grant Management team will liaise with the ARC and our UniSA Solicitors (if required). If further information is required, Research Capacity and Compliance will contact you to seek additional input. For example, in instances where a CI is being replaced by another researcher, all members of the project team will need to approve this amendment in writing.

Once the variance has been approved by all named CIs and PIs, you will be required to complete the relevant Variation to funding contract/agreement form. The completed form will be send to the ARC by Contracts Execution and Grants Management with all the additional documentation as required. You will be notified by Research Capacity and Compliance when the ARC has replied to your request.

Why transfer an ARC grant?

Grants may be transferred either into the University (for new appointment that have received approval to bring their ARC grants with them to UniSA) or out to another university (for staff departing UniSA wishing to take their ARC grant with them to their new university). Whatever the circumstances, you will be required to supply the following documentation to the Research Capacity and Compliance section as follows:

Documentation required when transferring the grant out

  1. Signed letter from the First Named Chief Investigator (addressed to the ARC Scheme Assistant Director) which includes:
    • name of Chief Investigator, project title and ARC ID number
    • effective date of transfer
    • reason for transfer
    • confirmation that transfer will not have an adverse affect on the project (any positive benefits should be included).
  2. Signed letters from all Chief Investigators/Partner Investigators/Partner Organisations (CEO or equivalent) accepting the variation (addressed to the ARC Scheme Assistant Director).

Research Capacity and Compliance will arrange transfer acceptances from receiving institution. It will then send the ARC all relevant documentation, including an ARC Variation to funding contract/agreement form with the amount of funds transferred. When the transfer is approved, the ARC will take back unspent funds and provide the money to the new institution.

Documentation required when transferring the grant in

Although the relinquishing institution will submit the request to the ARC, the First Named Chief Investigator must email Contract Execution and Grant Management with their intent to transfer. Contract Execution and Grant Management will:

  • arrange a letter to the relinquishing institution accepting the transfer
  • liaise with key staff within Research and Innovation Services, Human Resources and the divisions to inform them of this project
  • enter this new project in our research database (ResearchMaster) and establish a project file, cost centre etc once the transfer has been approved.