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Research publications collection

The research publications collection is transitioning to the Library in the fourth quarter of 2014.

From 2015 the overall responsibility for the collection of research outputs (publications) will transfer from RIS to the Library. ISTS, BIP, RIS and Library, in consultation with other stakeholders, are already working on a new integrated service delivery model for research outputs which will produce significant benefits including:

  • reduction of administrative burden by having a simple online submission process which will require researchers and publications administrative staff to interact with the system only once per output
  • improvement in the collection and description of the outputs by replacing manual interventions with automatic harvesting, data cleaning and validation tools, and
  • elimination of duplication of effort in Schools, Research Institutes and central units

Until the implementation of the new integrated service delivery model, it is business as usual. Continue to submit your publications to your local Publication Coordinator or the UniSA Research Archive. Information will be communicated as changes to the process are made.

More information, including information for Publication Coordinators is available from the URA webpages.