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Research publications collection

The publications component of the Higher Education Research Data Collection is intended as a broad indicator only and is not a comprehensive count of all quality research output. The University of South Australia recognises this limitation and collects data on a range of publication categories that are not included in the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC). This additional data is also used in the allocation of funding for Supported Researchers

Research and Innovation Services coordinates the publications component of the HERDC via publication coordinators who have been nominated by each School and Institute. Publication coordinators are responsible for collecting the information, assisting and advising staff on classification issues and forwarding the collected information to Research and Innovation Services.

Publication forms and checklists

DIICCSRTE categories

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New email submission service for C1 and E1 publications

  • To streamline processes and reduce the amount of paper used in the publication collection process at UniSA we are now requesting that Publication Coordinators submit C1 and E1 publications (which are available online) via email to research.information@unisa.edu.au
  • Please include the publication's Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or URL. This new service is available from 1 October 2011.
2012 internal guidelines and forms - new!

These new guidelines and forms should be attached to internal publications from 2012.


HERDC Timeline

End of May Publication submission deadline for the current collection
Start June Research and Innovation services complete publications audit against guidelines for inclusion in collection
Late submissions In recognition of the fact that publications may only become available after March of the reporting year late submissions will be accepted

Please note that while every effort will be made to include late submissions; publications received after End March cannot be guaranteed inclusion in the HERDC collection
End of June University reports annual HERDC to the DIISRTE


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine whether an author is affiliated with UniSA for the publication collection?

 The author of a research publication being counted in the collection must be affiliated with UniSA and the affiliation must be identified either within or on the work being claimed.

Where author affiliation with UniSA is not identified within a work, the following evidence retained in verification material would be sufficient to demonstrate author affiliation and should include a statement from the author indicating that he or she undertook the research leading to the publication in his or her capacity as a staff member or student of UniSA and either :

  •  a statement from the Director of Human Resources or Dean of Graduate Studies indicating that the author was an appointee or student of UniSA in the reporting year (or earlier if that was when the research leading to the publication was conducted) or
  •  an extract from UniSA's staff or student list that lists the author.

Students (domestic or international) are considered to be those students undertaking HDR training to achieve a Research Doctorate (including Professional Doctorates) or a Research Masters.

Where a publication shows that an author has affiliation to more than one university, each Australian university named in that by-line can count the publication in its respective publications collection.

Adjunct fellows, honorary staff members and staff on leave are considered affiliated with UniSA if UniSA is identified in the by-line.