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Chancellery 2008 publications

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Ghaeli, M, Bahri, P A & Lee, P, (2008), 'Scheduling of a mixed batch/continuous sugar milling plant using Petri nets', Computers and Chemical Engineering, 32, (3), 580-589, (0098-1354), 2008

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Rojas, O J, Bao, J & Lee, P, (2008), 'On Dissipativity, passivity and dynamic operability of nonlinear processes', Journal of Process Control, 18, 515-526, (0959-1524), 2008

Santoso, H, Bao, J & Lee, P, (2008), 'Dynamic Operability Analysis for Stable and Unstable Linear Processes', Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 47, 4765-4774, (0888-5885), 2008

Winchester, H, Shannon, M, Clermont, R, Kalms, J & Giles, A k, (2008), 'Mapping disadvantage: creating pathways', The Australasian Journal of University Community Engagement, 2, (3), 113-131, (1833-4482), 2008