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Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences 2002 publications

School of Communication, Information & New Media

Editor of a scholarly book

Skrebels, P & Van Der Hoeven, S, (2002), For all time? Critical issues in teaching shakespeare, Wakefield Press

Editor of another book

Petrescu, I, (2002), Friendly Street Poetry Reader 26, Wakefield Press

B - Book chapter

Bloustien, G, (2002), 'Ceci N'est pas Une Jeune Fille: Videocams, representation and 'othering' in the world of teenage girls', Hop on Pop: The Politics and Pleasures of Popular Culture, Duke University Press, London, 162-186, (H Jenkins, T McPherson, J Shattuc, Eds)

Franzway, S, (2002), 'Sexual politics in (Australian) labour movements', Gender, Diversity and Trade Unioins: International Perspectives, Routledge, London, 275-291, (F Colgan, S Ledwith, Eds)

Loeser, C J, (2002), 'Bounded bodies, mobile selves: The significance of the muscular body in young hearing-impaired men's constructions of masculinity', Manning the Next Millenium: Studies in Masculinities, Black Swan Press, Curtain University of Technology, WA, 55-68, (S Pearce, V Muller, Eds)

Stacey, D, Woods, C & Pope, R, (2002), 'A symposium on ''What will we be like teaching?: International re-visions in the university-level English curricula''', Beyond English Inc., Boynton/Cook Publishers, Inc, USA, 107-117, (D Downing, CM Hulbert, PJ Mathieu, Eds)

Skrebels, P, (2002), 'Shakespeare reworked: textual intervention strategies in the university writing classroom', For all time? Critical issues in teaching Shakespeare, Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 55-67, (P Skrebels, S van der Hoeven, Eds)

Internal book chapter

Nimon, M, (2002), 'The academic library's role in the education of the information literate graduate: One piece jigsaw', Global Issues in the 21st Century Research Librarianship. NORDINFO's 25th Anniversay Publication, NORDINFO, 178-190

Crowley, V, (2002), 'Drag Kings 'Down Under': An archive and introspective of a few Aussie blokes', The Drag King Anthology, Harrington Park Press, 285-308, (D Troka, K LeBesco, J Noble, Eds)

C1 - Refereed journal article

Crowley, V, (2002), 'The unforgiving scalpel, clinical precision and the untold of gender: an essay review of unseen genders, beyond the binaries', The Australian Education Researcher, 29, (2), 145-159

Bloustien, G, (2002), 'Fans with a lot at stake: Serious play and mimetic excess in Buffy the Vampire Slayer', European Journal of Cultural Studies, 5, (4), 427-449

Chia, J, (2002), 'Emails, educators, practitioners and changing professional paradigms', Asia Pacific Media Educator, 12

Woods, C, (2002), 'Teaching Literature Now and for the 'Net Generation'', English in Australia, 133, 77-85

Nimon, M, (2002), 'Preparing to teach 'The Literature Review': Staff and students' views of the value of a compulsary course in research education', Australian Academic and Research Libraries, 33, (3), 168-179

Woods, C, (2002), 'A program evolves: relocating writing, relocating literary studies', The Journal of the Australian Association of Writing Programs, 6, (2)

Nimon, M, (2002), 'Developing lifelong learners: Controversy and the educative role of the academic librarian', Australian Academic and research Libraries, 33, (1), 14-24

Duruz, J, (2002), 'Rewriting the village: geographies of food and belongings in Clovelly, Australia', Cultural Geographies, 9, (4), 373-388

Bishop, P, (2002), 'Gathering the land: the Alice Springs to Darwin rail corridor', Environment & Planning D: Society & Space, 20, (3), 295-317

Richards, I, (2002), 'Adjusting the focus: Levels of influence and ethical decision-making in journalism', Australian Journalism Review, 24, (2), 9-20

Homer, D, (2002), �Questions about English�, English in Australia, 134, 10-14

Bowd, K, (2002), 'Left in technology's wake? Codes of ethics and online news', Australian Journalism Review, 24, (2), 41-59

Starck, N, (2002), 'The obituary art in Australia: Time to bury the Posthumous Parallax', Australian Journalism Review, 24, (1), 117-129

Galvin, M, (2002), 'Communication futures and the future of communication', Australian Journal of Communication, 29, (2), 15-32

Roberts, P & Webber, J, (2002), 'Virtuous Hackers: Developing ethical sensitivity in a community of practice', Australian Journal of Information Systems, 2, 172-177

E1 - Refereed conference paper

Richards, I, (2002), 'Leading parallel lives: Journalism and professional ethics', Speaker Papers for the 2002 International Institute for Public Ethics (IIPE) Biennial, Restructuring 'The public Interest' in a Globalising World: Business, the Professions and the Public Sector, Brisbane, QLD, (S Lockwood-Lee, Eds)

Marriott, P & Hiscock, J, (2002), 'Voice vs text-based discussion forums: an implementation of Wimba Voice Boards', E-Learn 2002: World conference on E-Learning in Corporate, Government, Healthcare and Higher Education, 640-646, Montreal, Canada, (TC Reeves, M Driscoll, Eds)

Marriott, P & Hiscock, J, (2002), 'Building synchronous Voice-based 3D Learning Spaces', Proceedings of the International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE 02), 1172-1173, Auckland, NZ, (R Kinshuk, Eds)

Kurzel, F, Slay, J & Chau, Y, (2002), 'Towards an adaptive multimedia learning environment', Information Science and IT Education Conference, 859-867, Cork, Ireland, (E Cohen, Eds)

Kurzel, F, Slay, J, Chau, Y & Rath, M, (2002), 'Towards an adaptive multimedia learning environment: Enhancing the student experience', EDMEDIA 2002, World Conference of Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, 1063-1068, USA, (P Barker, S Rebelsky, Eds)

Roberts, P, (2002), 'Workplace e-mail: Surveillance, privacy and ethical protocols', Computer Ethics: its impact upon Australia: Conference Proceedings of AICE 2002, Australian Institute of Computer Ethics, 75-81, Sydney, (M Warren, J Barlow, Eds)

Underwood, F, Hiscock, J, Li, K & Juniper, J, (2002), 'Authenticity or virtuality: Reflections on the communication of tacit knowledge in a collaborative learning environment', Proceedings of the Annual Higher Education Research & Development Society of Australasia Conference, 671-678, Australia, (A Goody, J Herrington & M Northcote, Eds)

Roberts, P & Webber, J, (2002), 'The inadequacy of existing ethical codes for online research: A matter of Informed Consent', Computer Ethics: Its impact upon Australia: Conference Proceeding of AICE 2002, Third Australian Institute of Computer Ethics Conference, 82-89, Sydney, (M Warren, J Barlow, Eds)

Duruz, J, (2002), 'Eating at the borders: culinary journeys', Traditional Dwellings and Settlements, IASTE 2002, 49-68, Hong Kong, (N Al Sayyed, Eds)

Non-refereed conference paper

Peters, M, Ross-Smith, A & Chesterman, C, (2002), 'Transforming cultures: the impact of diversity in senior management', Reimagining leading @ home and in the marketplace, 103-113

Roberts, P, (2002), 'Image informatics: Ehtical issues in the virtual university', Transformation of oganisations in the information age, 841-851

Roberts, P, (2002), 'The virtual university and ehtical problems of downsizing', Transformation of organisations in the information age: Social and Ehtical Implications, 671-685

Galvin, M, (2002), 'September 11, The mobile phone and the logistics of communication', Media, Terrorism, and a Culture of Peace




De Lissa Institute of Early Childhood and Family Studies

Non-refereed journal articles

McInnes, E, (2002), 'Single mothers and systems responses to violence against women and children', Stating Women's Health, 23-26




Divisional Office

C1 - Refereed journal article

ROACH, G D, Rodgers, M & Dawson, D, (2002), 'Circadian adaptation of aircrew to transmeridian flight', Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine, 73, (12), 1153-1160

Holmes, A, Gilbert, S & Dawson, D, (2002), 'Melatonin and zopiclone: the relationship between sleep propensity and body temperature', Sleep, 25, (3), 301-306

Holmes, A, Dawson, D & Burgess, H, (2002), 'Effects of sleep pressure on endogenous cardiac autonomic activity and body temperature', Journal of Applied Physiology, 92, (6), 2578-2584

Lushington, K, Galka, R L, Sassi, L N, Kennaway, D J & Dawson, D, (2002), 'Extraocular light exposure does not phase shift saliva melatonin rhythms in sleeping subjects', Journal of Biological Rhythms, 17, (4), 377-386

Non-refereed journal articles

McCulloch, K A, Sletten, T, Baker, A & Dawson, D, (2002), 'The management of workplace fatigue', Safety in Australia, 24, (2), 8-13



School of Education

A1 - Authored research book

Thomson, P, (2002), ' Schooling the Rustbelt Kids: Making a Difference in Changing Times', Allen & Unwin, Australia

Stehlik, T, (2002), ' Each Parent Carries the Flame', Post Pressed, Queensland

Rigby, K, (2002), ' New Perspectives on Bullying', Jessica Kingsley Publications, UK

Authored other scholarly book

Rigby, K, (2002), ' A meta evaluation of methods and approaches to reducing bullying in pre-schools and early primary school in Australia', Commonwealth Attorney General's Department

Editor of another book

Burton, J, (2002), ' Content-Based instruction in higher education settings', TESOL

B - Book chapter

Nixon, H, (2002), 'Popular media culture, ICTs and the English language arts curriculum', Digital Expressions Media Literacy and English Language Arts, Detselig Enterprises, Canada, 113-135, (R F Hammett & B R C Barrell, Eds)

Nixon, H, (2002), 'South Park: not in front of the children', Small Screens: Television for Children, Continuum, London, 96-119, (D Buckingham, Eds)

Kenway, J & Bullen, E, (2002), 'Who�s afraid of a mouse? Grrrls, information technology and educational pleasure', Ghosts in the Machine: Women's Voices in Research Technology, Peter Lang, USA, 55-70, (N Yelland & A Rubin, Eds)

Kenway, J & Langmead, D, (2002), 'Is there a future for feminism in the contemporary university?', Women and School Leadership, SUNY Press, USA, 129-146, (C Reynolds, Eds)

Kenway, J & Fitzclarence, L, (2002), 'Designing generations and hybridising entertainment, advertising and education', Equity and Globalisation in Education, Detselig Enterprises, Canada, 211-233, (C Reynolds & A Griffith, Eds)

Keirl, S, (2002), 'What has ethics to do with design and technology education?', Issues in Design and Technology Teaching, Routledge/Falmer, UK, 191-207, (S Capel, J Davison, J Arthur & J Moss, Eds)

Hill, S & Broadhurst, D, (2002), 'Technoliteracy and the early years', Literacies in Early Childhood, Maclennan & Petty, Australia, 269-288, (L Makin & C Diaz, Eds)

Rigby, K, (2002), 'Bullying in Childhood', Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development, Blackwell Publishers Ltd, UK, 549-568, (P Smith, C Hart, Eds)

Internal book chapter

Howard, S & Johnson, B, (2002), 'Participation and involvement: resilience-promoting factors for young adolescents', Children and young people's environments, Children's Issues Centre, 113-127, (M Gollop, J McCormack, Eds)

Barnett, J, (2002), 'From the Margins to the Center: ESL as a Whole School Endeavour', Mainstreaming, TESOL, 5-19, (Effie Papatzikou Cochran, Eds)

Wilson, S & Nixon, H, (2002), 'Embedding Information and Communications Technologies into Literacy Programming', Practical Literacy Programming, Primary English Teachers Association, 191-209, (Barry Gordon, Eds)

C1 - Refereed journal article

Kenway, J, (2002), 'Education: multiple stakeholders, creative tensions', Journal of Australian Studies, 74, 161-180

Kenway, J, Zipin, L, Thomson, P & Brennan, M, (2002), 'Uneasy alliances: university, workplace, industry and profession in the education doctorate', The Australian Educational Researcher, 29, (3), 63-84

Kraack, A & Kenway, J, (2002), 'Place, time and stigmatized youthful identities: bad boys in paradise', Journal of Rural Studies, 18, 145-155

Crotty, R, (2002), 'The impact of biblical studies on religious education', Journal of Religious Education, 50, (3), 7-13

Willis, P, (2002), 'Risky journeys: cross-cultural adult education practice in Aboriginal Australia', Alberta Journal of Educational Research, XLVIII, (3)

Reid, A, (2002), 'Public education and democracy: a changing relationship in a globalising world', Journal of Education Policy, 17, (5), 571-585

Peters, J, (2002), 'University-school collaboration: identifying faulty assumptions', Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 30, (2), 229-242

Willis, P, (2002), 'Don't call it poetry', Indo Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, 3

Filsell, J & Barnes, A, (2002), 'Research pedagogies and teaching methodologies that transform student learning in South Australian classrooms', Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology Studies, 8, 23-30

Johnson, B & Johnson, K, (2002), 'Learning from Warthogs and Oxpeckers: promoting mutualism in school and university partnerships', Educational Action Research, 10, (1), 67-82

Howard, S & Roberts, S, (2002), 'Winning hearts and minds: television and the very young audience', Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 3, (3), 315-337

Howard, S & Gill, J, (2002), 'Somewhere to call home? Schooling and a sense of place and belonging in an increasingly globalised world', Curriculum Perspectives, 22, (3), 33-41

Smith, B, (2002), 'Working the paradox of school improvement: its about building capacities for self-regulation within/against an increasingly regulated education context', Curriculum Perspectives, 22, (1), 33-42

Jackson, J, (2002), 'The promise of dramatic oralysis: exploring unique ways of research', Drama Australia, 26, (2), 47-52

Nichols, S & Read, P, (2002), ''We never knew it was that bad': parent-school communication about children's learning difficulties', Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 25, (3), 49-64

Ikupu, A & Glover, A, (2002), 'Papua New Guinea elementary teacher education: mixed mode teacher training for 16000 village teachers', Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 28, (2), 39-45

Nichols, S, (2002), 'Parents' construction of their children as gendered, literate subjects: a critical discourse analysis', Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 2, (2), 123-144

Resnyansky, L, (2002), 'Computer-mediated communication in higher education: educators' agenda in relation to technology', Journal of Educational Enquiry, 3, (1), 35-59

Comber, B, Badger, L, Barnett, J, Nixon, H & Pitt, J, (2002), 'Literacy after the early years: a longitudinal study', Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 25, (2), 9-23

Non-refereed journal articles

Kenway, J, (2002), 'Local/global power geometries: the politics of resentment and mobility', Redress: Journal of the association of women educators, 11, (3), 2-11

Thomson, P, (2002), 'Strengthening family-school relationships: a story about using research to develop policy and practice in Tasmania, Australia', International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning, 6, (13)

Paige, K & Chartres, M, (2002), 'Using sensory trails to develop environmental awareness', Investigating, 18, (2), 26-29

Paige, K & Lloyd, D, (2002), 'Rocks, leaves, water and bark: an environmental art experience', Investigating, 18, (2), 23

Simons, M & Parker, R, (2002), 'Relationship education services', Family Matters, 63, 77-79

Stehlik, T, (2002), 'Willing workers on organic farms: Cultural exchange and informal adult learning in an organisation that is voluntary, non-profit and environmentally friendly.', Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 42, (2), 220-226

Reid, A, (2002), 'Futures for Australian curriculum', Curriculum Perspectives, 22, (1), 43-44

Harris, R & Turner, P, (2002), 'Think business transaction for SWL success: The business transaction model and stakeholder perspectives in structured workplace learning.', The Australian Journal of Vocational Education and Training in Schools, 4, 22-24

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McCallum, F & Johnson, B, (2002), 'Decision making processes used by teachers in cases of suspected child abuse', APSAC Advisor, 14, (1), 7-10

Rigby, K & Barnes, A, (2002), 'To tell or not to tell: The victimised student's dilemma', Youth Studies Australia, 21, (3), 33-36

Briggs, F, (2002), 'Young children: What do they really think about school?', Prime Focus, (29), 12-15

Wilder, D, (2002), 'Community dance. Navigating the possible', Ausdance National Forum, 13-14

Editor of a scholarly journal

Harris, R, (2002), Australian Journal of Adult Learning

Major review

Thomson, P, (2002), 'Muddy waters and dirty discourse(s): Teaching about social justice in teacher education', Teaching Education, 13, (1), 103-115

E1 - Refereed conference paper

MacGregor, D, (2002), 'Understanding design in primary design and technology', Learning in Technology Education: Challenges for the 21st Century, 301-309, Gold Coast, Australia, 2nd Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research, (H Middleton, M Pavlova & D Roebuck, Eds)

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Keirl, S, (2002), 'Against the provincialism of customary existence: issues arising from the interplay of 'essential learnings', design and technology and general education', Learning in Technology Education: Challenges for the 21st Century, 253-262, Gold Coast, Australia, 2nd Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research, (H Middleton, M Pavlova & D Roebuck, Eds)

Keirl, S, (2002), 'Hedgehogs, foxes, crows and other 'intelligent' beings: explorations of the relationship between multiple intelligence theory and design and technology', Learning in Technology Education: Challenges for the 21st Century, 243-252, Gold Coast, Australia, 2nd Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research, (H Middleton, M Pavlova & D Roebuck, Eds)

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Lambert, H & Stehlik, T, (2002), 'School-based vocational studies and the transition to further education and employment: report of a pilot study into the destinations of independent school graduates', Envisioning Practice - Implementing Change, 1-10, Gold Coast, Australia, 10th International Conference on Post Compulsory Education & Training, (J Searle & D Roebuck, Eds)

Koornneef, M, Oostvogel, K, Harris, R & Poell, R, (2002), 'Strategies of HRD practitioners in stimulating new learning: an overview of theory and comparative research', Envisioning Practice - Implementing Change, 166-174, Gold Coast, Australia, 10th International Conference on Post Compulsory Education & Training, (J Searle & D Roebuck, Eds)

Harris, R, (2002), 'Trumpets of change: the Jericho walls of vet standing firm, tumbling or leaning?', Envisioning Practice - Implementing Change, 31-46, Gold Coast, Australia, 10th International Conference on Post Compulsory Education & Training, (J Searle & D Roebuck, Eds)

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Non-refereed conference paper

Simons, M & Harris, R, (2002), 'Building bridges between the researched and researchers: The use of reflective journals in vocational education research', Making a World of Difference? Innovation, Internationalisation, New Technologies and VET

Edwards, G, Carr, L, Hudson, M, O'Connell, M, Harris, R & Matthews, C, (2002), 'Crime prevention curriculum in South Australian schools: A study of programmes, materials and initiatives', The Role of Schools in Crime Prevention Conference

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Peters, J, (2002), 'Getting started: Initiating partnerships for success or failure', Australian Association for Educational Research in Education Conference

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School of International Studies

Authored other scholarly book

Griffiths, M & O'Callaghan, T, (2002), International Relations: The Key Concepts, Routledge

Internal book chapter

O'Callaghan, T, (2002), 'Jim George and repudiation of realism: challenging postmodern wisdom', International Relations and the 'Third Debate' Postmodernism and its Critics, Praeger, 73-90, (D Jarvis, Eds)

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C1 - Refereed journal article

Fopp, R, (2002), 'Increasing the potential for gaze, surveillance and normalisation: the transformation of an Australian policy for people who are homeless', Surveillance and Society, 1, (1), 48-65

Fopp, R, (2002), 'SAAP is one program with no gatekeepers - exit points in SAAP', Parity, 15, (3), 12-14

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Non-refereed journal articles

Fopp, R, (2002), 'The causes of homelessness - An unpopular account of popular causes', Parity, 15, (9), 14-15

Major review

Absalom, M, (2002), 'Fuzzy boundaries? Reflections of Modern Languages and the Humanities', Arts and Humanitites in Higher Education, 1, (1), 111-120

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E1 - Refereed conference paper

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