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Flexible Learning Centre 2002 publications

Internal book chapter

Hussin, V, (2002), 'An ESP program for students of nursing', English for specific purposes, TESOL, 25-37, (J BurtonEds)

C1 - Refereed journal article

Weight, J & Old, J, (2002), 'Information underload?', Eci: Education, Communciation and Information, 2, (2/3), 235-236

Nunan, T, Reid, I & Mccausland, H, (2002), 'The hybridization of higher education: Cross national perspectives', International review of research in open and distance learning, 2, (2), 1-20

Non-refereed journal articles

Ingleton, C & O'Regan, K, 'Recounting mathematical experiences: Emotions in mathematics learning', Literacy and numeracy studies: An international journal in the education and training of adults, 11, (2), 95-108

E1 - Refereed conference paper

O'Regan, K, (2002), 'Doing it together: The pains and gains of collaborating to produce online resources', Changing identities, Wollongong, Australia, Language and Academic Skills Conference, (A Bronwyn James, A Percy, J Skillen and N Trivett, Eds)

Non-refereed conference paper

Nunan, T, (2002), 'Fostering the achievement of generic capabilities through assessment - a work in progress at the university of South Australia', Evaluation and Assessment 2002

Reid, I & Wache, D, (2002), 'Online evaluation of the University of South Australia', Evaluation and Assessment 2002

Thomas, M, (2002), 'Student participation in Online discussion: The implications of learning activities and discourse development on assessment.', Evaluation and Assessment 2002, 1-7

Leask, B, (2002), 'Tying knots or bows? Measuring the development of a generic capability (international perspectives) in students', Evaluation and Assessment 2002, 1-15

Wache, D, O'Regan, K & Quinn, D, (2002), 'Can a virtual community be a reality? Developing and maintaining community in an online campus', Effective Teaching and Learning 2002

Hicks, M & Nunan, T, (2002), 'Generic capabilities and learning poRTFolios: practices and developments at the University of South Australia', Effective Teaching and Learning 2002, 1-11

Hussin, V, (2002), 'Moving from face-to-face to online workshops to supports NESB students in the clinical practicum', Changing Identities: Language and academic skills conference

Hicks, M & George, R, (2002), 'Making Connections: the Changing Identity of Learning and Support at the University of South Australia', Changing Identities: Language and academic skills conference