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Flexible Learning Centre 2003 publications

B - Book chapter

Thomas, M, (2003), 'Internet-based education and training: using new technologies to facilitate instruction and enhance learning', Aviation Education and Training - Adult Learning Principles and Teaching Strategies, Ashgate, UK, 346-366, (I M A Henley, Ed)

Reid, I, (2003), 'Quality goes online - new challenges for distance education', Quality Education @ a Distance, Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, Boston, 249-256, (G Davies and E Stacey, Eds)

Internal book chapter

Kenworthy, B, (2003), 'Supporting the student in new teaching and learning environments', Rethinking Learner Support in Distance Education: Change and Continuity in an International Context, Routlege Falmer, 55-63, (A Tait and R Mills, Eds)

C1 - Refereed journal article

Leask, B, Ciccarelli, A & Benzie, H, (2003), 'Pathways to tertiary learning: a framework for evaluating English language programs for undergraduate entry', EA Journal, 21, (1), 17-30

Thomas, M, (2003), 'Improving organisational safety through the integrated evaluation of operational and training performance: an adaptation of the line operations safety audit (LOSA) methodology', Human Factors and Aerospace Safety, 3, (1), 25-45

Reid, I, (2003), 'Quality online education - new research agendas', Academic Exchange Quarterly, Spring 7, (1), 17-22

E1 - Refereed conference paper

Quinn, D & Reid, I, (2003), 'Using innovative online quizzes to assist learning', Ausweb03 - Changing the Way We Work, 420-427, Sanctuary Cove, (A Treloar and A Ellis, Eds)

Bastalich, W, Mills, J, Franzway, S, Gill, J & Sharp, R, (2003), '"I had this real feeling that it was a boys club"', Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference Australasian Association for Engineering Education and 9th Australiasian Women in Engineering Forum, 499-506, Melbourne RMIT, (A Brown, Ed)

Leask, B, (2003), 'Venturing into the unknown - a framework and strategies to assist international and Australian students to learn from each other', Research and Development in Higher Education Volume 26- Learning for an Unknown Future, 380-387, Christchurch, New Zealand, (C Bond and P Bright, Eds)

Thomas, M, (2003), 'Operational fidelity in simulation-based training: the use of data from threat and error management analysis in instructional systems design', Conference Proceedings of the SimTecT 2003, 91-96, Adelaide, Australia, (P Swadling, Eds)

Thomas, M, (2003), 'Uncovering the origins of latent failures: the evaluation of an organisation's training systems design in relation to operational performance', Proceedings of the 6th International Australian Aviation Psychology Symposium, Sydney, (B J Hayward and M Nendick, Eds)

Non-refereed conference paper

Leask, B, (2003), 'Beyond the numbers - levels of layers of internationalisation to utilise and support growth and diversity', 17th IDP Australian International Education Conference

Thomas, M, (2003), 'Evaluating instructional potential: a new approach to the evaluation of digital learning objects', Evaluation and Assessment Conference

Thomas, M, (2003), 'Instructional use of error: the challenges facing effective error management in aviation training', 6th International Aviation Psychology Symposium