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Flexible Learning Centre 2004 publications

B - Book Chapter

King, B, (2004), 'Transnational distance education - the critical role of partnership', Distance Education and Technology: Issues and Practice, Open University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong, 75-88, (D Murphy, R Carr, J Taylor, W Tat-meng Eds), 2004

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Leask, B, (2004), 'Internationalisation outcomes for all students using information and communication technologies (ICTs)', Journal of Studies in International Education, 8, (4), 336-351, 2004

Bills, D, (2004), 'Supervisors' conceptions of research and the implications for supervisor development', International Journal for Academic Development, 9, (1), 85-97, 2004

Non-Refereed Journal Articles

Bessell, M & Anandarajan, A, (2004), 'How useful are audit reports?', Journal of Banking and Financial Services, 118, (3), 12-14

Major Review

Gelade, S, (2004), 'Reviewing reading work: literacies in the new workplace', Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 44, (2), 240-243, 2004

E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

Hockey, J & McSwiney, C, 'Articulating students: differential needs: an academic library's response', Conference Proceedings 15th ISANA International Conference: Challenging Education - Socio-cultural, Economic & Academic Outcomes, Melbourne, Australia, (S Chang Ed), 2004

Leask, B, (2004), 'Transnational education and intercultural learning: reconstructing the offshore teaching team to enhance internationalisation', Proceedings of the Australian Universities Quality Forum 2004: Quality in a Time of Change, 144-149, Adelaide, Australia, (R Carmichael Ed), 2004

Gelade, S & Quinn, D, (2004), 'Looking for Harry Potter: professional development, resistance and the magic wand effect', Proceedings of the 12th Annual International Conference on Post-compulsory Education and Training: Volume 1 - Doing Thinking Activity Learning, 180-187, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia, (J Searle, C McKavanagh Eds), 2004

Non-Refereed Conference Paper

Leask, B, (2004), 'Plagiarism and cultural diversity - responsibilities, accountabilities and pedagogy', Plagiarism: Prevention, Practice and Policies 2004, 1-17, 2004

Hicks, M, (2004), 'Academic development in Australian higher education: past, present and future implications as a profession', Defining a Profession, Re-defining Actions: The Convergence of Goals of University Professors ad Faculty Developers, 1-9, 2004

Edited volume of refereed conference proceedings

Marsden, H H & Hicks, M, (2004), Refereed Proceedings of the Inaugural Educational Integrity Conference, Educational Integrity: Plagiarism and Other Complexities, University of South Australia, 2004

Edited volume of non-refereed conference proceedings

Marsden, H H, Hicks, M & Bundy, A, (2004), 'Educational Integrity: Plagiarism and Other Perplexities', Proceedings of the First Australasian Educational Integrity Conference, University of South Australia, 2004


Gelade, S & Stehlik, T, (2004), 'Exploring locality: the impact of context on Indigenous vocational education and training aspirations and outcomes', National Centre for Vocational Education Research, Australia [http://www.ncver.edu.au/publications/1477.html], 1-9208-9551-X, 2004