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Flexible Learning Centre 2007 publications

B - Book Chapter

Reid, I, (2007), 'Embedding instructional design with learning objects', Learning Objects and Instructional Design, Informing Science Press, Santa Rosa, California, 39-58, (8-3922-3377-8), (A Koohang and K Harman Eds), 2007 

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Bastalich, W, Franzway, S, Gill, J, Mills, J & Sharp, R, (2007), 'Disrupting Masculinities: Women Engineers and Engineering Workplace Culture', Australian Feminist Studies, 22, (54), 385-400, (0816-4649), 2007

Birbeck, D & Drummond, M, (2007), 'Research with Young Children: Contemplating Methods and Ethics', Journal of Educational Enquiry, 7, (2), 21-31, (1444-5530), 2007

Hussin, V, (2007), 'Supporting off-shore students: a preliminary study', Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 44, (4), 363-376, (1470-3297), 2007

Stevenson, M & Kokkinn, B, (2007), 'Pinned to the margins? The contextual shaping of academic language and learning practice', Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 1, (1), a44-a54, (1835-5196), 2007 

E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

Duff, A, Quinn, D, Johnston, H & Lock, P, (2007), 'A clue, a quest and a blog - experimenting with engagement in orientation', 10th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference Proceedings, QUT Web Solutions, 1-10, Brisbane, Australia, 10th Pacific Rim First Year in Higher Education Conference, (Jason Thomas Eds), 2007

Quinn, D, Duff, A, Johnston, H & Gursansky, D, (2007), 'Blogging - Infusing engagement, enjoyment (joy) and reflection into learning', Higher Education Research, Development Society of Australasia International Conference, Adelaide University, 1-11, Adelaide, Australia, HERDSA 2007- Enhancing Higher Education, Theory and Scholarship, (Jennifer Oregano Eds), 2007

Sanderson, G, (2007), 'The strengths and limitations of using essentialist cultural theory to understand international students', Conference Proceedings of the 18th ISANA International Education Conference, ISANA International Education Association Inc., 1-10, Adelaide, South Australia, 2007 ISANA Conference, (Gavin Sanderson Eds), 2007

Tranter, D, (2006), 'Becoming self-conscious: exploring Habitus', AARE 2006 Adelaide: Engaging Pedagogies, AARE, Adelaide, South Australia, Australian Association for Research in Education, (Peter L Jeffery Eds), 2007