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Flexible Learning Centre 2008 publications

B - Book Chapter

Hicks, M & Jarrett, K, (2008), 'Providing Instruction, Orientation and Professional Development for all Staff Involved in Transnational Teaching', Teaching in Transnational Higher Education: Enhancing Learning for Offshore International Students, Routledge, New York, 238-248, (0-4154-2053-9), (L Dunn and M Wallace Eds), 2008 

C1 - Refereed Journal Article

Sanderson, G, (2008), 'A foundation for the internationalization of the academic Self in higher education', Journal of Studies in International Education, 12, (3), 276-307, (1028-3153), 2008

Seah, A H, (2008), 'The unspoken grief in an ivory tower: Examining transition issues among international students using a 'grief tasks model'', Journal of the Australian and New Zealand Student Services Association, 32, 5-27, (1320-2480), 2008 

E1 - Refereed Conference Paper

Benzie, H, (2006), 'The international student: Views from the literature', Intercultural Communications across University settings - myths & realties, Pearson Prentice Hall, 1-12, Auckland, 6th Communication Skills in University Education Conference, (Josta van Rij-Heyligers, Susan Carter & Jenny Buxton Eds), 2008

Hussin, V, (2008), 'How can I query a doctor's prescription? Developing the pragmatic competence of third year EAL Pharmacy students', Intercultural Communication across University settings - Myths and Realities: Refereed Proceedings of the 6th Communication Skills in University Education Conference, Pearson Education, 160-173, Auckland, New Zealand, 6th Communication Skills in University Education Conference, (Josta Van Rij-Heyligers Eds), 2008

Johnston, H, Aziz, M, Kaya, Y & Quinn, D, (2008), 'Engaging Students: encouraging success', ATN Assessment Conference 2008, Engaging Students in Assessment, UniSA, 27-35, Adelaide, South Australia, ATN Assessment Conference 2008, (Diana Quinn, A Duff, m. Green, K. Andre, T. Ferris, S. Copeland Eds), 2008

Quinn, D, Stokes-Thompson, F, Johnston, H & Luong, L, (2008), 'Experimenting with new approaches to work-integrated learning with international students in engineering', WorkIntegrated Learning (WIL): Transforming Futures, Practice...Pedagogy...Partnerships, University of Technology, Sydney, 480-486, Sydney, Australia, world Association for Collaborative Education Asia Pacific Conference, (David Jorgensen Eds), 2008